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Social Studies Test

Archaeologist An expert who studies the past by examining objects people have left behind
Historian An expert who studies and records the past
Geographer An expert who studies and creates maps of Earth's natural and human made features
Anthropologist A scientist who studies human development and culture
Paleontologist A scientist who studies human bones and fossils
Sociologist A scientist who studies human traditions and cultures
Artifact An object made or used by people in the past
Prehistoric Before written histroy
Ritual Relates to a ceremony such as a religion
Feature An important characteristic or part to something
Environment All of the physical surroundings i a place, land, water,animals,plants, and climate
Geometric Having a form composed of one or a number of simple shapes such as triangles, squares, and rectangle
Researcher Someone who searches for information on a particular subject
Texture The characteristics of the surface of an object
Fossil The remains of once a living thing
Hypothesis An educated guess based on information
Midden An ancient trash dump
Petroglyph A picture, drawing, or carving made on stone
Hominid An human like creature
Capabillity You're trusted to do something
Migrate Moving from a place and living somewhere else
Skeleton Your bones
Trait Your DNA
Intelligence How smart you are
Community A group of people working for one main cause
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