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Laila Santana

Mesopotamia Study Guide

What is a scribe? a professional writer.
what is polytheism? the belief in many gods.
What is a myth? a traditional story.
what is the fertile crescent? a region in southwest Asia.
what is a city-state? a city with its own tradition, government, and laws.
what is a bazaar? a market selling different types of goods.
what is a caravan? a group of travelers journeying together.
what is an empire? many territories and peoples controlled by one government.
what is Babylon? the capital of Babylonia; a great city of wealth and luxury.
what was the Battering Ram? a powerful weapon with a wooden beam mounted on wheels; created by the Assyrians.
what is code? an organized list of laws and rules.
who was Hammurabi? the king of Babylon from about 1792 to 1750 B.C. creator of the Babylonian empire.
what is Cuneiform? groups of wedges and lines used to write several languages of the Fertile Crescent.
who united sumer's city states into one large empire? Hammurabi
were was Babylon located? What was this good for? between Assyria and the cities of sumer, this made Babylon a good place to trade
why did everybody know the rules and punishments of Hammurabi's code? because they were written down.
what did scribes use to write? clay.
why did the Medes and Chaldean's join together? to defeat the Assyrian Empire.
what is Monotheism? the belief in one god.
What was Cuneiform? The oldest known writing script.
What is a set of symbols that represent the sounds of language? The Alphabet.
What was exile? to force someone to live in another country.
who was Moses and what did he do? He was an Israelite leader who led the Israelite's from Egypt back to Canaan.
What was Famine? A time when there is so little food that many people starve.
What was a prophet? a religious leader who speaks for god or a god.
What is a promise made by god? a covenant.
What is a diaspora? a scattering of people who have a common background or beliefs.
Who were great at sea power? The Phoenicians.
Who developed the first alphabet? The Phoenicians.
Who lead the Israelite's to develop a belief in one god? Abraham.
Why id the Israelite's leave Canaan and go to Egypt? there was not enough food to eat.
Who thought that god was present EVERYWHERE? The Israelite's .
Did a man own his wife? True of false. (T or F) True.
What was Hammurabi's code? The first set of written laws. About 282 laws
Why was Mesopotamia's location important? it was between 2 rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates so it was good for getting water.
Why did the Medes and Chaldean's join together? to defeat the Assyrian empire.
How were Christianity, Judaism, and Islam alike? They all honor Abraham, Moses, and the prophets.
Created by: lsantana



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