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The 24

Supreme Basileus Soror Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson
First Supreme Anti-Basileus Soror Glenda Baskin Glover
Second Supreme Anti-Basileus Soror Keniece Gray
Supreme Grammateus Soror Charolette Wilson Jacks
Supreme Tamiouchos Soror Danette Anthony Reed
Supreme Parliamentarian Soror Martha L. Perine Beard
Undergraduate Member-at-large Soror Victoria Simpson
Undergraduate Member-at-large Soror Antoria C. Frazier
North Atlantic Regional Director Soror Meredith L. Henderson
Mid-Atlantic Regional Director Soror Joyce Henderson
South Atlantic Regional Director Soror Sharon Brown Harriott
Great Lakes Regional Director Soror Toni S. Kendrick
South Eastern Regional Director Soror Mary B. Conner
Central Regional Director Soror Kathy A. Walker Steele
South Central Regional Director Soror Katina Semien
Mid-western Regional Director Soror Jan Carpenter-Baker
Far Western Regional Director Soror Carol R. Dixon
International Regional Director Soror Gizette L. Thomas
Define: sorority a society for women with selective membership limited by the invitation of persons who are already members
Define: boule the periodic assembly of the total membership
Define: directorate the governing body of AKA when the boule is not in session
Define: soror sister
How is AKA membership classified? undergraduate, graduate, general, associate, life, honorary
What is the highest honor the sorority can give? honorary membership
How often does the Boule meet? Biennially
Why was AKA incorporated? to ensure perpetuity
What is the sorority's board of directors called? Directorate
What is the sorority's purpose written in the constitution? (first 2 parts) To cultivate and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards, to promote unity and friendship among college women
What is the sorority's purpose written in the constitution? (second 3 parts) To study and alleviate problems concerning girls and women in order to improve social stature, to maintain a progressive interest in college life, and be of service to all mankind
How many officers makes up the current directorate? 18
Are all members of the directorate graduate sorors? No, 3 are undergraduates - second supreme anti-basileus and 2 undergraduate members at large
Are some directorate members elected geographically? If so, which positions and when would you be eligible to run for said positions? Yes, regional director. Eligibility comes after serving 1 term as Basileus of a graduate chapter, attending 1 of the last 3 regional conferences immediately preceding nomination, and reside in the region
Who is the AKA chief officer and what is her role? Supreme Basileus.
What is the Supreme Basileus's role? She presides at all Boule and Directorate meetings, appoints (with Directorate approval) the chairmen and members of all committees of the sorority, and fill vacancies unless otherwise stated in the bylaws, and supervise employed personnel and Boule.
How many undergraduate and graduate chapters are there in the far western region? 29 - undergrad, 44- grad
How many regions make up AKA? 10
Which states are in the Far Western region? I WON UH CAA!! (Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Hawaii, California, Alaska, Arizona)
Who is the Far Western Regional Director? Carol R. Dixon
What is a regional conference? A study session designed to clarify procedures and resolve problems of the chapter within a region through workshops, discussions, demonstrations, an other types of group activity
How often are regional conferences held? annually
What is the Leadership Seminar? When is it held? A training session for officers and members which is held in alternated years when the Boule does not meet
Regarding the AKA constitution and bylaws, when may the bylaws be amended? At a regular meeting of the Boule by 2/3 of the votes cast, provided that the proposed amendments shall have been circulated to chapters no later than April 30 proceeding the Boule
How far in advance is the Supreme Basileus elected? Does she hold this title at the time of her election? 4 years. She serves as First Supreme Anti-Basileus for four years following her election and then is installed as Supreme Basileus
How does a soror become a member of an International Committee? all committee members, excluding nominating, are appointed by the Supreme Basileus. The nominating committee is composed of elected regional representatives
What is the "Ivy Leaf" the official publication of the sorority
When and where was AKA founded? 1908 at Howard University in Washington, D.C.
Why was AKA founded? As an instrument to make college experiences as meaningful andas valuable as possible in enhancing the capacity of college trained women for significant self realization
Who was the moving spirit in the establishment of AKA? Ethel Hedgeman Lyle
Who influenced Ethel Hedgeman Lyle? Tremain Robinson and Elizabeth Appa Cook, school teachers
How are chapter program activities determined? By the International Committee, as defined by the Supreme Basileus
How many individuals were in the original group? Name them. 9. Ethel Hedgeman Lyle, Beulah Burke, Lillie Burke, Margaret Flagg Holmes, Marjorie Hill, Lucy Diggs Slowe, Marie Woolfolk Taylor, Anna Easter Brown, and Lavinia Norman
WHo was the first elected president? Lucy Diggs Slowe
In February 1908, 7 students were admitted without initiation. Name these women. Joanna Berry, Norma Boyd, Ethel Jones, Sara Meriweather, Alice Murray, Carrie Snowden, and Harriet Terry
What does "Ivy beyond the wall" signify? a deceased soror
What happened on January 15, 1908? AKA was founded
What happened on January 29, 1913? AKA was incorporated
What programs have been developed to assist graduate members of AKA? fellowships, financial aid, job placement
When and where was the first international chapter set up? Liberia in 1948
When was the first national office opened? October 8, 1949
In 1965, AKA became the first women's organization to have the opportunity to assist the government in preparing women and girls for the responsibilities of citizenship through an anti-poverty program that was called what? Cleveland Job Corps Center
In 1968, AKA began publishing a series of brochures detailing the accomplishments of Black women, which was called what? Heritage Series on Black Women
When was the Domestic Travel Tour initiated and what was it? 1969. A one- week tour of cities with site significant to Black heritage
What is the Alpha Kappa Alpha Connection? A communications network
What is the Leadership Fellows Program and whom does it serve? It's a two-phased development program for undergraduates designed to improve their leadership skills via structures theoretical exposure and pragmatic training
What are the current International Program targets? educational enrichment, health promotion, family strengthening, environmental ownership, global impact
Where is the sorority's corporate office and what is the phone number? 5656 South Stony Island Ave, Chicago, IL 60637. 773-684-1282
Who is the chief administrator in the corporate office? What is her title and role? Executive Director. She maintains permanent records, transacts business, and implements the programs of AKA.
Who is the president of MEO and what is her role? Madame Basileus - Victoria Morrie-Ivie. She presides over all chapter meetings, appoints committee members, and serves as an ex-officio member of all committees.
Give the Greek word for: president basileus
Give the Greek word for: vice president anti-basileus
Give the Greek word for: secretary grammateus
Give the Greek word for: assistant secretary anti-grammateus
Give the Greek word for: treasurer tamiouchos
Give the Greek word for: financial secretary penunious grammateus
Give the Greek word for: hostess hodegos
Give the Greek word for: sergeant at arms philacter
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