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Social studies test

Who were the leaders of England and Spain in the 1500s? Queen Elizabeth King Phillip 2 of spain
What was queen Elizabeth's nickname? The vergena queen because she never got marred.
Who was sir Walter RALEIGH? Edviser of queen Elizabeth the 1.
Where is roanoke island? Just off the coast of North Carolina.
What happened to the first colonists at roanoke island? They returned to England after fighting with the native Americans.
Who did sir Walter RALEIGH send to North America to start a colony? John white with other colonists.
Who was vergena deer? The first person with English parents born in America
Why did John white return to England? To get more food and tools.
Define Armada A large fleet of ships.
Who delayed his return? A war between England and Spain.
What did John white find when he returned to roanoke. The colony had vanished.
What happened to sir Walter RALEIGH? He got beheaded.
Where is Jamestown? Eastern vergena on the james river.
Who were the powhatan? A group of native Americans who were United by one chief.
Who was king of England in 1608? King James the 1st.
Who was the leader of Jamestown? John Smith
What were some of the problems that settlers faced at Jamestown A.a huge fire that ruined the supplys. B.shortage of food. C.nobody wanted to work. D.unfreindly natives.
What was his policy for settlers? If you won't work you won't eat.
Who saved John Smith's life? Pocahontas
How do we know this story is true? There is no proof other then the writing of John Smith.
Define cash crop A crop that is sold for money.
Who brought Tobacco seeds to England?How? John rolf, he smuggled it from the Spanish in North America.
Who married Pocahontas? John rolf
Who was Pocahontas treated In England? Everyone wanted to see the Indian princess.
Define indentured servant 'Person who served. 'Someone else in exchange for land and freedom.
How was Jamestown saved? Supplys and ships arrived with the new Settlers just as the people were getting ready to return to England.
Who started the chuch of England and why? Because he would not difine a devorce.
Define protestant Christians who are not Catholic.
Where did the pilgrams first move? Holand
Why did they leave? Not making unuff money They did not want there kids to grow up to be dutch.
What was the name of there ship? The Mayflower.
Who was their speriteil leader? John carver
What was the mayflower compact? The first farm of self government in the new world sighned by evarybody on the mayflower.
Where did they land? Plymouth Massachusetts
Define sachem The native American cheif
Name three native Americans who helped the pilgrams Samoset Sqaunto Massasit
In what ways did they help the pilgrams? Tought them how to hunt,fish and how to farm.
How many servived that winter? Only about half of the passengers on the mayflower throughout the first winter.
Who fallowed john carver as the leader of the pilgrams? William Bradford
Why was myles standish with the pilgrams? To train and provide protection.



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