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Chapter11 WesternCiv

Study questions

Between 1300 and 1450, famines and plague reduced the number of people in Europe by one-third to one-half
The plague had all of the following effects EXCEPT it inspired European doctors to make major strides in medicine as they sought a cure
The famines that affected fourteenth and fifteenth century Europe resulted from all of the following EXCEPT enclosure, which caused cropland to be used for sheep raising
The initial response of governments to the economic disruption following the Black Death was to pass laws that attempted to impose pre-plague wage levels and in some cases, the system of serfdom
The removal of what obstacle, in the later Middle Ages, allowed scientists to make greater advancements in medicine? the religious prohibition of dissection of the human body
All of the following technological advances occurred in the period after the Black Death EXCEPT the invention of the astrolabe
By the late fifteenth century the standard of living was generally rising, because the process of adapting to the economic dislocations resulted in greater efficiency
The Florentine workers who rebelled in 1378 wanted steady work, secure wages, and representation in government
Popular revolts generally failed because the upper classes would make agreements when in danger, but renounce them once the danger had passed
The roots of political unrest included all of the following EXCEPT religious disputes caused by the increased piety of the people, including kings and aristocrats
Nobles enjoyed all of the following privileges EXCEPT guaranteed incomes
The most important cause of the Hundred Years' War was the status of Aquitaine and Ponthieu
The course of the Hundred Years' War was influenced by all of the following EXCEPT the strength of a series of French kings
Joan of Arc's primary effect on the Hundred Years' War was the popular support she generated for the king
The Hundred Years' War had all of the following EXCEPT it left France in a position to dominate the rest of Europe because of its wealth and standing army
Which of the following is true of the city of Venice by the year 1400? The patricians were careful to show support for public welfare
Then purpose of Cosimo de Medici's alliance system was to maintain peace through a balance of power
The Fall of Constantinople psychologically shocked the Christian world
The introduction of the printing press had the immediate effect of cutting the cost of books
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