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Chapter 10 WesternCi

Study questions

Towns gained independence for all of the following reasons EXCEPT the Church needed towns as seats for bishoprics
Towns required the lives of their people in all of the following ways EXCEPT Education
The biggest industry in most medieval towns was making wool cloth
The putting-out system involved having each step in production performed by a specialist
Guilds did all of the following EXCEPT foster entrepreneurial initiative by encouraging free competition
All of the following were business innovations of the period EXCEPT single-entry bookkeeping
The new, larger ships in the 1300s that increased profitability of trade could remain at sea longer and did not have to stay as close to the coastline
Urban life was characterized by all of the following EXCEPT few unmarried adults
In issuing the first Statutes of the Realm, Edward I set a precedent for changing law only by legislation rather than by administrative decision
The English parliament was important because it established a mechanism for English subjects to participate in governement
Philip IV (the Fair) faced the greatest obstacle to his power in Edward I of England
Philip IV raised money in all of the following ways EXCEPT taking subsidies from Edward I
The Golden Bull of 1356 had the effect of institutionalizing the elective basis of the emperor's power
The Mongols conquered parts of all of the following EXCEPT Byzantium
Ivan I increased the power of Muscovy by all of the following EXCEPT forcing Novgorod to submit, and annexing it and its territories
All of the following problems beset the papacy in the thirteenth century EXCEPT the Catholic cults of holy relics were attacked by crusaders influenced by Byzantine iconorciasm
What theological development in the early fourteenth century encouraged the growth of parish guilds? emphasis on purgatory
Medieval philosophers contributed to modern science in all of the following ways EXCEPT demonstrating that celestial bodies must be made of the same matter as eart
The author of the Divine Comedy was Dante Alighieri
What institutions set up the great European trade fairs at the places like Champagne? the banks
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