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Civil War - Events

Civil War - Key Events & Causes

The economy of Southern states was based on this institution. The invention of the Cotton Gin increased the need for this labor force. slavery
The act of pulling out or separating from the Union. South Carolina would be the first state to do this. Georgia would soon follow. secession
Belief that the state’s interests are more important than the interests of the national government and therefore should have final say. States' Rights
1857 Supreme Court case— Court ruled that slaves were not citizens and could not file lawsuits. The court also ruled that Congress could not make attempts to ban slavery in the territories. Dred Scott Case
The idea of having the right not to enforce or follow a federal law. nullification
This resulted in Missouri entering the U.S. as a slave state and Maine as a free state and outlawed slavery north of 36°20’ latitude. Missouri Compromise
This Georgia leader was a Unionist and strongly opposed Georgia’s secession. Ironically he would become the Vice-President of the Confederacy.
He was elected President of the United States in 1860. Abraham Lincoln
This resulted in California entering the U.S. as a free state and included the Fugitive Slave Act which required northern states to return runaway slaves to the south.
The belief that one part of the country is better than and more important than another. sectionalism
The northern army’s march from Atlanta to Savannah in an effort to ravage the interior of Georgia and destroy the will of the southern people to continue fighting. Sherman's March to the Sea
The north fought this series of battles in an effort to drive the Southern army south and capture Georgia’s important railroad hub. In the end over 90% of a major southern city was burned to the ground.
The greatest battle ever fought on Georgia soil this battle temporarily forced the Northern Army out of Georgia into Chattanooga. Although the South won the battle
Lincoln issued this document during the war and declared slaves in states in rebellion against the Union (Confederate states) to be free. Emancipation Proclamation
The Union navy successfully captures southern forts along the barrier islands in order to take away Georgia’s ability to trade with Europe and gain much needed supplies. Union Blockade of GA's coast
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