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New France & Absolute Monarchy

What is an Absolute Monarchy Leaders who have unlimited power over their people.
Name 3 countries in Europe who had absolute monarchs France, Spain and Portugal
What are the 3 main characteristics of an Absolute Monarch Government Participation Decision-Making Powers Majority and Minority Rule
Who had the power to make the decisions about New France King Louis XIV
Who were allowed to participate in the Absolute Monarch government Only people selected by the ruler (in this case, selected by King Louis XIV)
Who made up the government of New France Governor, intendent, bishop and Sovereign Council
In theory, did the people as a whole in New France have a role in making decisions No
In practice, why did the local officials living in New France have more freedom to make their own decisions Because New France was so far away from France
Was it a majority rule or a minority rule Minority rule
Did the majority of the people have a say in the government No because it was a minority rule
What is seigneurs Landlords that gave land to the farmers for a small fee along the St Lawrence river. They were also responsible for building houses.
What were most Canadian settlers who lived along the St Lawrence river called Habitants
What were many Canadian fur trade known as Coureurs De Bois
What does Coureurs De Bois translate in to Wood cutters
What did the Voyageurs do The voyageurs would transport the furs through the narrow waterways for small business
What religion was the only religion accepted by King Louis XIV Catholics
When did the Jesuits come to New France 1625
What did the Jesuits do Spread Catholic faith
Who started the first school for girls Ursuline Nuns
Who established the royal colony in New France King Louis XIV
What system was used by the government to divide the land amoung settlers Seigneurial System
How did the Seigneurial system divide the land Plots for the different tribes
What does Mercantilism mean An economic theory - this was a mother country that sends explorers to their colony. Natural resources are collected and harvested.
What does Colonization mean When a country controls land in a different country. France took control of an area in North America and called it New France.
What ended the War of the Spanish Succession Treaty of Utrecht
What is the meaning of Indigenous The original habitats or people of an area
Name 3 Indigenous groups in Canada First Nations Metis Inuit
What is called an area of land that different groups claim it belongs to them Disputed territory
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