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Chapter 7

8th grade Tennessee book

What is a document stating the rules under which a government will operate? Constitution
A person who runs the government and sees that laws are carried out is? An executive
A period when buisness slows, prices and wages drop, and unemployement rises? Economic Depression
Who led an uprising in Massachusetts? Daniel Shays
Delegate from Virginia? James Madison
Consists of a system of courts to interpret the law Judicial branch
Conneticut man Roger Sherman
Pensylvania guy James wilson
Who was largely responsible for writing the preamble? Gouverneur Morris
An agreement in which each side gives up part of what it wants? Compromise
Approve means to Ratify
Alexander Hamilton and John Jay wrote the what? Federalist papers
A Virginia man who argued against the Constitution? George Mason
The state constitutions limited power of the governors because.. They did not want to repeat the problems that caused the Revoulution
Under the Articles of Confederation, Congress was denied the powers to... tax and regulate trade
the what provided a system for a territory to become a state? The northwest Ordinance of 1787
Because of the weakness of the central government, British troops still held forts in the Northwest Territory
How did Shays Rebellion help lead to an offer to revise the Articles of Confederation? It demonstrated to many the weakness of the central government under the Articles of Confederation.
The Virginia plan was written by who? James Madison
Who wrote the New Jersey Plan? William Paterson
Who wrote the Great Compromise? Roger Sherman
How was the change in powers of congress in the constitution an improvement over the Articles of Confederation? Congress could now raise taxes to pay the costs of running the government and could also regulate trade
The chief argument used by antifederalists was the constitution had no Bill of rights
The Constitution can be changed by a majority in the senate? False
Which amendment gave us freedom of speech? First
Which amendments protect criminals? 5 through 8
Why was the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution? To Protect individual rights and basic freedoms and to satisfy antifederalists concerns about the need to limit the power of the central government
Besides reputation, the other major issue required delegates to compromise during the constitutional convention was... Continuing slave trade
The first amendment would protect who? People who wanted to put up a website critcizing a local government official
Some opposed the ratification of the constitution because it did not protect individual rights
One obstacle to approving the Articles of Confederation was some states did not want to give up their land west of the Appalachians
The bill of rights was added to the constitution because it was added through the amendment process
Under the bill of rights, what is protected Freedom of speech, religion, and press
The one reason many people called for changes to the A.O.C was they believed that a weak central government was ineffective
"We the people," means The citizens had authority over the constitution
Shays rebellions pushed people to revise the A.O.C because It made people worry about how a weak central government would take care of future rebellions
The original United states constitution did not have a Bill of Rights
the passage of the land Ordinance of 1785 meant? Settlers and investors could buy formerly public lands
As part of the Great compromise how many of the enslave population in the state were included when determining representation in congress? three-fifths
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