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Social Studies

He opened the world's first electric power plant Thomas Edison
The first people to form the first confederation in North America Iroquois
He was the leader of the American Army during the American Revolution George Washington
She was author of America the Beautiful Katharine Lee Bates
He was an English explorer of the Northeast Coast Henry Hudson
These people came up with a plan for peace for the Iroquois Hiawatha and Deganawidah
This is made by people who took part in or saw the event primary source
Mountains and valleys are physical features of what area of the US? Northeast
Immigrants came to the Northeast because they had bad lives and were looking for better lives
What three colonies became states first? Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania
What Northeast city had the largest immigration center in the US? New York, New York
During what time period were the eight colonies started Northeast? 1600's
What is a huge slow moving mass of ice? glacier
Where did marble and granite come from in the early Northeast? quarries
Who were the only people in the Northeast in the 1500's? Native Americans
What formed the Great Lakes? Massive glaciers
What scraped soil away exposed top soil? Glaciers
What is a protected area of water where ships dock? harbor
What is an area where ships trade goods port
What caused growth in Northeaster cities in the 1800's and 1900's? Immigration and factory work
What was the effect of colonies being angry about Britain's over taxing? US became an independent nation
What where 3 changes that occurred during the Industrial Revolution steam machines became popular electric power plants provide electricity Electricity lead to inventions like the telegraph and lightbulb
A factory in which fibers such as cotton and wool are woven into textiles, or cloth textile mill
A period in which new sources of power were used to replace machines powered by hand, allowing people to make more goods faster industrial revolution
A huge urban region formed when two or more metropolitan areas grow together megalopolis
A large city together with nearby cities and suburbs metropolitan area
A person who lives in a colony colonist
A major, sudden change in government or in people's lives revolution
A settlement that is ruled by a faraway government colony
An official statement declaration
freedom independence
A loosely united group of governments that work together confederation
a waterway dug across land canal
A settlement that is ruled by a far away government colony
Growth of cities urban growth
Who invented the telephone? Alexander Graham Bell
When was the declaration of independence signed? July 1776