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S.S. Stone Age notes

notes on Stone Age

why did people leave Africa? Because of lacking natural recourses and having natural disasters.
the studying of artifacts archeology
where were the cave painting and why were they made? In France, Argentina, Australia and Syberia. they were made to show something that had happened.
Five animals that were domesticated cattle, goats, sheep, bees, dogs
Five plants that were domesticated rice, potato, corn wheat, barley
what is agriculture? How did it affect the world for good and bad? agriculture is early farming for stone age people. It affected the world because most of the time you always had food to eat but if there was a disaster and your crops died, then you didn't have food.
How did the geographic location of groups of people affect their culture or the way they lived their daily lives? Some lived in places where crops did not grow good, so they had to hunt. Some lived in places where crops grew good and they didn't have to hunt for their food.
things that make things easier technology
something made by someone else a long time ago artifact
tamed domesticate
group moves from one place to another migrate
extra surplus
mountain of ice glacier
to gather you crops harvest
stayed in one place nomad
work was divided, separated jobs were started upper 2nd lower classes were formed social division
includes the technology, customs, beliefs and art of the people culture
a surface such as a valley, plain, hill or mountain landform
different peoples living in America diverse
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