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Unit 2


Costituents People in congressional districts
Redistricting The process of redrawing the boundaries of districts
Joint Sessions When senators and representatives meet together to hear the President's State of the Union Address
Standing Committee A permanent committee that specializes in a particular topic
Bill A proposed law
President Pro-Tempore "President of the Senate for the time being"- when the Vice President is absent
Speaker of The House Leader of the House of Representatives
Conference Committee A joint committee that helps members of the Senate and the House of Representatives work together
Vice President This person vote in the Senate in case of a tie
Majority Party The party with the most members in Congress
Minority Party The party with fewer members in Congress
Interest Groups Groups of people who work together for similar interests or goals
Bicameral A two-house legislatures
Expressed Powers Powers listed in Article 1 of the Constitution
Expulsion To force a member of Congress to leave because of wrong doing or dishonesty
Appropriations Funds for a specific use
Reapportionment The redistribution of legislative seats according to population
Lobbysists People who represent interest groups
Checks & Balances A system in which each branch of government is able to limit the power of the other branches.
Filibuster Freedom by senators to kill a bill by continuously talking until the bill is withdrawn
Cloture This limits a senator to debate for no more than one hour, and it's use must be voted on by the senate
Census A process for counting nation's population
Implied Powers A power not expressly named in the Constitution
Legislative Branch The branch of government that makes the laws
Impeach To accuse an official of wrong doing
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