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Mesopotamia STUDY

Study Guide for Mesopotamia

Where in the World was Mesopotamia located? In the Middle East, in Africa
What Modern Countries can be found where Mesopotamia was once located? Syria and Iraq
What is the Geography of Mesopotamia? A dry, barren land with few trees and marshy areas
What is the Fertile Crescent? An area with very fertile soil that came from the river and washed onto the shore.
What two bodies of water go through the Fertile Crescent? The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
What do the two rivers leave on the land that help the land grow? The two rivers leave silt, very fertile soil, on the land.
What is the importance of the rivers in Mesopotamian Society? The rivers created fertile soil which made the land able to grow able to grow very good crops that helped in the advancement of the civilization.
What forms of irrigation were used in Mesopotamia? Canals were used to bring water to the fields in times of drought.
What was a ziggurat? The ziggurat was a large religious monument that they used to worship gods, usually on in each city-state.
What is a merchant? A merchant in a person who buys and sells objects in their community and other city states.
Specialization? Specialization was when they divided the work and gave specific jobs for different people, like the artisans each had a job. Though they had different jobs, they worked together to make a better community.
Where was Hammurabi king and what was he known for? He was king in Babylon and he is known for getting the code from the gods and putting it into order.
What is a city-state? A city-state is a large city and the surrounding areas, and it is ruled by a king or other kind of ruler.
Why was the region called Mesopotamia, yet no one called themselves Mesopotamian? The land is called Mesopotamia because it means the land between the rivers, but no one called themselves Mesopotamian because this name was given to the land by people today. Also, they called themselves by whatever city-state they are in.
What is Cuneiform? Cuneiform was the writing the people of Sumeria wrote in.
Created by: Person1015
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