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PD 4 WWII 2017

Pd 4's WWII Project Vocabulary

An agency of the U.S that supervised in war production. War Production Board
Information used by politicians to persuade others Propaganda
Allowing a person(s) a limited amount of supplies and food Rationing
"This increased individual income and corporate tax rates." The Revenue Act of 1942
A style of music to show unhappiness. The Blues
"Lowest female voice type. Alto
Vocal music without instruments A cappella
The lowest male voice type Bass
Political party in Germany that was active from the 1920s-1945, was Fascist in nature Nazi Party
Citizens are made to work for no profit Forced Labor
A place where large numbers of people are confined and used for hard labor and very often killed Concentration Camps
To be sentenced to death, usually as a punishment Execution
A vegetable garden, especially a home garden, planted to increase food production during a war Victory Garden
Controlled distribution of scarce resources Rationing
Preserving Food Canning
A book showing an individual's entitlement to certain rationed goods. Ration Book
A style of music that originated among African Americans as a way to lament problems and unhappiness The Blues
Deep feminine voice Alto
Buildings were soldiers stay when they are in the army Barracks
Deep male voice Bass
Similar to pants but more baggy and more fabric used. Trousers
"An act of defeating an enemy or opponent in a battle." Victory
"Church style music without instruments." A cappella
A state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state War
"Courageous behavior or character." Bravery
It is like you are forced to stay somewhere. Barred
"Firmness of purpose; resoluteness." Determination
A person that does not love and stay with there heart and country. Unpatriotic
Name used for the second atomic bomb used in WWII Fat Man
Code name for the first atomic bomb used in WWIIU Little Boy
Code name for the atomic bomb plan of the US in WWII Manhattan Project
The director of the Manhattan Project Dr. Robert Oppenheimer
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