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MCAT Evolution

Bottle neck an evolutionary event in which a significant percentage of a population or species is killed or otherwise prevented from reproducing.
homologous structure similar structure that share a common evolutionary origin. ex the limbs of mamals
group selection this hypothesis stated that a certain gene for not reproducing was inheritied, thus controling polutaion size at an advantagous level
stabilizing slection maintains uniform charchter in a population by eliminating deviations from the norm.
gene flow migration of individuals b/w populations will result in a loss or gain of genes and thus change the compostion of the gene pool
directional selection produces an adaptave change over time with an increase in the proprtion of individuals with an extream phenotype. This occurs when organisms must adapt to a changing enviorment
genetic drift changes in the composition of the gene pool due to chance
asortive mating mates selectied according to critiereia such as phenotype and proximity
disruptive selection population genetics that simultaneously favor individuals at both extremes of the distribution. ex finch beak size
convergent evolution refers to the independant development of dissimilar charachteristics in two or more lineages NOT sharing common ancestry. ex fish dolphins
parallel evolution is the development of a similar trait in different not closely related species (that is in species of a different clade), but descending from the same ancestor
divergent evolution refers to the individual development of dissimilar charachteristics in two or more lineages sharing common ancestry
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