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13 colonies info

Leaders, geo/climate, religion, etc.

Why did North and South Carolina split after being one colony? They were already living as two different regions, it made sense to make it official. Both prospered afterwards.
Why was William Penn granted the land of Pennsylvania? In honor of his father and the debts owed to him, Sir William Penn.
Who's claim earned New York? Henry Hudson originally found New York which was originally called New Amsterdam in honor of the Dutch.
If kids went to school, why? To learn to read so they can read the bible. In some cases, basic math was taught. Rarely was a child granted higher education.
What colonies were called "The Bread Basket" colonies? The middle colonies. They were able to plant a lot more grain due to the fertile land, this resulted in a surplus of grain to make bread.
Which leader saved Jamestown? John Smith. Before him the colony was a mess, he fixed things by saying, "If you don't work, you don't eat."
How did Pocahontas save Jamestown? By saving John Smith from being murdered by her tribe that rightfully belonged there. Afterwards she brought the colony food and kept peace between the colony and her tribe.
Who was Powhatan? Leader of the tribe that originally lived in Virginia before New England came. He proposed killing John Smith and his daughter, Pocahontas, saved the colony.
What colony does the Toleration Act apply too? Maryland. This colony wanted to "tolerate" more religions than what was originally strict Puritan religion.
Who was the Governor of New Amsterdam? Peter Minuit. Not James Duke of York, you know this because if it was James Duke of York then it wouldn't have been named New Amsterdam at first.
Which colony was only founded for profit? New Hampshire, this colony
What was the climate/geography like in the Middle colonies? Rich soil and mild weather.
What were Pacifists? People who don't believe in war or violence.
What is a Separatist? People who believe in cultural, ethnic, tribal, religious, racial, governmental, or gender separation
Who ruled North and South Carolina? 8 aristocrats. Very wealthy people.
Who founded Georgia? James Oglethorpe, a British soldier, member of Parliament, and philanthropist
Why was Georgia founded? A protection colony from Spanish claimed Florida and a home for debtors. People who owed debts to people or government could come here and make a living by being protection and working on farms for patroons.
Created by: kjairam075
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