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6th grade

chapter 10 study notes

Maize Mayan farmers were famous for growing this
Slash and burn agriculture The farmers used this as a method for farming. Farmers clear out the forest, burn the stumps, and use the ash as fertilizer
300-900 AD The time period that the Mayans lived
Mexico and Central America Today the Mayans still live in ........... and ............
365 day calendar How the Mayan farmers knew when to plant and harvest crops.
260 day calendar Mayans used for religious events
Mayan religion They worshiped many gods and saw a connection to nature
Sinkhole an area where the soil has collapsed
900 AD Mayans left there cities. No one knows why. Possibly crop failure, disease, war, population growth, drought or famine
1100 AD The AZTECS arrive in Mexico
Mexico City The capital of Mexico and the center of the Aztec Empire.
causeway raided streets of hard earth that connect Mexico City to the main land
Floating gardens Built by the Aztecs to increase their farmland as a result of growth in the city.
Aquaducts The Aztecs built these pipes to carry water from distant sources.
Aztec belief about war They had to sacrifice humans so that the sun would have the strength to rise.
Aztec hierarchy (level of importance) 1--Military leaders, priests, judges 2--Warriors 3--Artisans-(craft workers) 4--Farmers (the majority of the people) 5--Slaves (the people they conquered)
Sapa Inca The leader of the Inca's. Believed to be the son of god.
Quipos The Incans used these knotted strings to keep track of detailed records
The Incas were famous for building a large system of highways and bridges
Much of the Inca structures Still standing today
Terraces buillt by the Incas. Step-like edges cut into the side of the mountain to grow crops.
Converting dry lands to fertile fields The Incas built a system of canals.
1000 b.c. to 400 a.d The time period of the Mound Builders
The Great Serpent Mound Mound found in Ohio. Snake like structure built as a symbol of their beliefs about the sun and the season.
Mounds were used to store weapons, gold, works of art and jewelry
Iathmus A narrow piece of land connecting two larer pieces of land
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