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PCS US History

Presidential Policies/Influence

James Monroe acquired Florida from Spain; Monroe Doctrine to keep foreign powers out of America
Andrew Jackson supported minimal government
Abraham Lincoln Emancipation Proclamation (freed slaves)
Teddy Roosevelt Big Stick foreign policy (speak softly and carry a big stick)
William Howard Taft Dollar Diplomacy foreign policy (guarantee loans to foreign countries)
Woodrow Wilson tried to keep U.S. out of WWI; proposed League of Nations
Franklin D. Roosevelt New Deal social programs; leader during WWII
Harry Truman signed Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe
John F. Kennedy Cuban Missile Crisis
Richard Nixon Watergate
Ronald Reagan supply-side economics; huge budget deficits
Bill Clinton advocated economic and healthcare reform
George W. Bush continued Reagan's policies; Persian Gulf War
Alexander Hamilton loose construction (broad interpretation of the Constitution)
Thomas Jefferson strict construction (narrow interpretation of the Constitution)
Created by: Ms.Sala
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