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Chapter 11

Lewis and Clark Jefferson ordered Lewis to form a Corps of Discovery and Lewis invited Clark to join him and help him lead the group.
Northwest Passage a quick route to the Pacific Ocean and to quick trade with Asia
Adam-Onis Treaty was supposed to resolve the issue with Spanish Florida
Filibuster a private military adventurer
Missouri Compromise a line drawn across the bottom of Missouri that meant states below the line could practice slavery but those above could not
James Tallmadge opposed slavery and proposed that Missouri be a free state from slavery
The Texas War for Independence Mexican laws opposed slavery, but Texas enforced it. Therefore, Mexicans who lived in Texas pushed for independence.
James K. Polk vowed to annex Texas as a slave state and take Oregon
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo a treaty which stated that Mexico gave nearly half of its land to the United States
The Mexican Cession the conquest of land west of the Rio Grande
Forty-Niners those who traveled to California in 1849 in hopes to find gold
The Compromise of 1850 five laws that were passed in hopes to solve the issues coming from the Mexican Cession and the sectional crisis
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