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Ch 8 Vocabulary

bicermal having two separate lawmaking chambers P227
amendment a change, correction, or improvement added to a document P248
depreciate to fall in value P232
manumission the freeing of individual enslaved persons P236
ordinance a law P229
judicial Branch the branch of government that includes the courts that settle disputes and questions of the law P247
federalism sharing power between the federal and state governments P244
constitutional republic a government in which citizens rule through elected representatives, according to a plan of government P247
checks and balances a system by which each branch of government limits power of other branches P247
depression a period when economic activity slows and unemployment increases P234
compromise a settlement of a dispute by each party giving up some demands P240
electoral college the special group of electors to vote for President and Vice President P247
executive branch the branch of government that executes, or carries out, the law; headed by the President P246
proportional having the proper size in relation to other objects or items P228
legislative branch the lawmaking branch of government P246
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