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Native Americans

Native Americans/ long hunters

AC "Anno Domini." Lain for the year of our LORD.
BC "Before Christian era" or "Before Christ"
CE "Current Era"
BCE "Before Common Era"
Paleo indians 10500BC-8000BC Crossed land bridge from siberia but now that theory is questioned. Hunter Gatherers, small bands, nomadic. Followed large game. Used flint wepons.
Archaic period 9000/10000BCE -1000BCE Loss of large mammals changed culture. Greater hunting skills required of small game previously over looked More settlement, increased trade. Burial rituals begin. In Ky Green River and mussel shells Tools: Fishhook, awls, scrapers.
Nomadic Move from place to place, don't stay in one place for very long.
Reservations Where the indians were moved after the trial of tears.
4 tribes of ky
Define and describe one pioneer settlement in KY.
Define and describe one early pioneer of KY that is not Boone.
Define and describe Boone.
Research life in a fort. Describe a fort and a typical life in a fort.
Daniel Boone Born of a Quaker family. Married 17 y/o Rebecca Bryan.
Chief Doublehead Reports say he was married 5 times. He collected a multitude of scalps and, was the custom of many Native Americans ceremonially ate portions of the enemies he killed in battle
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