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6th Grade History


Emigrate Exiting or leaving a country
Immigrate Moving into another country
Nativist Favoring native people before Immigrants
Ethnic Groups Minorities that speak the same languages and have the same culture
Assimilate Becoming part of the American culture
Steerage Lower deck of a ship
Settlement House Organization located in a poor neighborhood that provides help to the poor - Example-Hull House founded by Jane Addams
Suburb Neighborhood outside or close to cities
Slum Poor run-down urban neighborhood
Skyscraper A very tall building
Culture Behaviors and beliefs of a group of people. Ex: ethnic groups, age groups, religious groups
Spectator Sports People watched and followed sports
Vaudeville Variety shows with dancing, singing, comedy and magic acts
Philosophy Ideas and beliefs
Isolate Cut off or separate
Tenement Run-down building where several families rent rooms or apartments often with little sanitation or safety
Chinese Exclusion Act Prohibited Chinese workers from entering the United States for 10 years. Extended in 1892 & 1902
Immigration Act of 1917 Required immigrants to be able to read and write in some language.
Urban vs. Rural Urban - in the City; Rural - outside the City
Middle Class A class made up of people who enjoyed a comfortable life but were no rich (i.e. doctors, lawyers, and teachers)
Yellow Journalism Sensational writing style -Dramatic stories used to attract readers -Sometimes biased and false
Created by: SSC 8th LA
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