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What advancement during the Paleolithic Age made communication between people easier? The development of spoken language.
Where were the biggest and earliest known Neolithic communities located? Southwest Aisa
What is bronze and why is the discovery considered a breakthrough? Bronze is a combination of tin and copper and was considered a breakthrough because it was a lot more stronger than stone.
Why is the Paleolithic Age called the old stone age? Because stone was the main resource at the time.
What advancement made the use of technology make life less difficult for Paleolithic people? The discovery of fire.
Where were the first communities developed? In river valleys.
What were some of the most well known and oldest known communities? Jericho and Çatalhüyük
What was the real change in the Neolithic Age? The shift from hunting and gathering to systematic agriculture.
What did people start to do during the Neolithic Age? Domesticating Animals.
What is a revolution? A change that has a enormous effects on people's life
What were holy places called in the Neolithic Age? Shrines
What time period began about 2.5 million years ago and lasted until about 8000 B.C. Paleolithic Age (Old Stone Age)
What type of map shows the height of land above sea-level Elevation Map
What type of map uses shading to indicate changes in elevation Relief map
What type of map may show how things such as population, languages, religion or precipitation are spread out over an area Distribution map
What type of map may indicate where historical events took place Historical map
A map showing the voting results in the United States is best described as what type of map Distribution map
Why can’t Maps show true size, shape, distance and direction at the same time Because they are flat
A small box on a map that explains the symbols, colors and lines used on the map Map key
A small map on a map that shows where the subject of the map is located Locator
The 4 main points on a compass are known as Cardinal directions
The spot where a line of latitude crosses a line of light ngitude called Absolute location
What type of map will show a wide range of information General purpose map
Two of the most common general purpose maps found in an atlas are Physical and political maps
What type of map will show the names and borders of countries and also other human made features Physical map
What type of map may show patterns such as climate, population, natural resources Special purpose map
Set of beliefs, behaviors and traits shared by members of a group Culture
Throughout history different people have met through exploration, migration and trade and share parts of their culture. This meetings often lead to what Cultural diffusion
What type of map would you use to find the border between two countries? Political map
What’s the difference between a chart and a diagram? Charts show facts in rows and columns and diagrams are special drawings thar show how something works
Many hunter-gathered groups had what type of economy Traditional economy
This type of economy is based on custom. Members of a group make goods needed by members of the group Traditional economy
In this type of economy the government decides what goods will be made and who will receive them Command economy
In this type of economy the individuals decide what to make, buy or sell in an open market Market economy
Today, most of the world’s countries take part in international trade. This process is called? Globalization
In order to make goods and offer services people need resources. What are the 4 major resources? Labor, capital, entrepreneurship and technology
The act of running a business is called? Entrepreneurship
What is the highest rule of law in the U S and contains the key ideas of America’s government The constitution
Many ideas for the creation of the U S constitution came from ? Ancient Rome and greece
Which branch of the U S government makes laws Legislative branch
Which branch of U S government carry’s out and enforces the laws Executive branch
Which branch of U S government interpret the laws created by congress Judicial branches
The U S constitution created a federal system of government which makes the federal government the highest authority. What are the 3 equal branches Legislative, executive and judicial brances
During the Paleolithic age people moved around in search of food. They were called? Nomads
A set of beliefs or behavioral traits shared by a group of people is known as?culture
A way of living that people of the same culture practice regularly over time is known as? Customs/traditions
What is important to people is known as Values
A geographic area with similar features is known as a ? Region
Someone who studies objects from the past to learn what life was like Archaeologist
First hand pieces of knowledge created or written by the people who saw or experienced the event are known as what type Of evidence Primary source evidence
Examples of primary source evidence Government records, diaries, artwork, tools and clothing
Evidence created by people after an event took place such as biographies, encyclopedias or history books is called? Secondary source evidence
Stories passed down from generation to generation is called? Oral history
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