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Chapter 9 & 10 Vocab

Vocabulary for Chapter's 9 & 10

Artisans Skilled, experienced craft workers that produced goods by hand.
Putting-Out-System Work is contracted by a central agent to subcontractors who complete the work in off site facilities.
Labor Theory of Value The value of a product should accurately reflect the labor needed to produce it.
Working Men's Party Lodged a radical protest against the exploration of workers that accompanied industrialization.
Land Offices Created to handle the sales of the Land Law and establish them in the West within easy reach of prospective land owners.
Steamship Engine A device that used paddle wheels to travel 150 miles in record time.
Cotton Gin Hand crank device that separated seeds from cotton.
Cumberland Road Road from Maryland to Illinois.
Erie Canal Canal linking the Hudson River route from Pittsburgh to New Orleans.
Free Moral Agency Anyone could change their life and bring about their own salvation.
Code of Deference The practice of showing respect for individuals who had distinguished themselves through military accomplishments, educational attainment, business success, or family pedigree.
Universal Manhood Suffrage Voting rights for all white male adults.
Spoils System Rewarding party loyalists.
Tariff of Abominations Clear evidence that the government favored one region.
Nullification The voiding of unwelcome federal laws.
Five Civilized Tribes The Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole, and Cherokee.
Tyranny of the Majority Overpowered the will of minorities and individuals.
Second Party System System in which the older Federalist & Democratic Republican Parties had been replaced by the Democratic and Whig Parties.
Log Cabin Campaign A slur created by Democrats that the Whigs used to their advantage.
Kitchen Cabinet Presidential supporters that highlighted the importance of party loyalty to Jackson and the Democratic Party.
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