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6th SS Ch 2 Sec 4

6th grade social studies Chapter 2 section 4

Southwest Landforms Mesas, canyons, cliffs and mountains
Southwest weather HOT summers, bitterly cold winters. Weeks without Snow or rain
Southwest tribes Hopi and Zuni
Hopi and Zuni tribes were knows as the Pueblo People
The Pueblo people were Farmers
Pueblo farmers, when possible, stored surplus Water
Pueblo people grew Cotton for weaving
Nomadic tribe that moved into the Southwest about 1025 AD to the Four Corners area Navajo
4 Corners states that is historical Navajo Lands Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico
Hopi and Zuni people lived in Little wood homes made out of stones, mud or adobe
Sun dried bricks make of straw and clay Adobe
Cone shaped, wood framed homes covered in mud or adobe Hogans
Which tribe of people lived in hogans? Navajo People
Navajo religion - believed in more than one god Polytheistic
Religious Leaders and healers Medicine People
Navajo people sang songs or chants believed to have Healing Powers
Chief was a religious leader who made the rules and handed out the punishments Hopi
Tribe in the West, lived part of the year in the Great Basin and part in Wyoming mountains Shoshone
Shoshone hunted Small Animals and buffalo in mountains
Shoshone lived in shelters of Brush
Lived on Columbia Plateau Nez Perce
Idaho, Oregon and Washington Columbia Plateau
Nez Perce food was this fish from the rivers Salmon
Nez Perce build spears for Fishing
Lived in Southern California Chumash
Chumash food Birds, fish and acorns
Chumash lived in Dome shaped shelters
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