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Chapter 6 US History

King George III British Monarch who reigned during the American Revolution
Quartering Act Act requiring the colonists to quarter, or house, British soldiers & provide them with supplies
Sugar Act Law placing a tax on sugar, molasses, and other products shipped to the colonists
Stamp Act Law requiring all legal and commercial documents to carry an official stamp showing that a tax had been paid
Patrick Henry Member of Virginia's house of Burgesses
Sons of Liberty Secret society formed to oppose British polocies
Speculate To buy as an investment
Boycott Refusal to buy
Crispus Attucks Sailor of African-American & Native American ancestry who died at the Boston Massacre
Boston Massacre Incident in 1770 in which British troops fired and killed american colonists
Townshend Acts Acts passed by Parliament in 1767 to tax imports in the colonies
Writs of Assistance Search warrants used to enter homes or businesses to search for smuggled goods
Daughters of Liberty Organization of colonial women formed to protest British polocies
Samuel Adams Leader of the Sons of Liberty
Committee of Correspondence Organization formed to exchange information about British policies and American resistance
Boston Tea Party Incident in 1773 when colonists protested British policies by boarding British ships and throwing their cargoes of tea overboard
Duties Taxes placed on imported goods
Minutemen Group of armed civilians, trained and ready to fight at a minutes warning
Intolerable Acts Series of laws, known in Britain as the Coercive Acts, meant to punish Massachusetts and clamp down on resistance in other colonies
First Continental Congress Meeting of delegates from most of the colonies, called in reaction to the Intolerable Acts, where they met in Philadelphia
Paul Revere Boston silversmith who ride into the countryside to spread news of British troop movement, "The redcoats are coming"
Lexington & Concord First battles of the revolutionary war, 'Shot heard 'round the world'
Loyalists Americans who supported the British
Patriots Americans who sided with the rebels
Militia A force of armed civilians pledged to defend their community
Ethan Allen Leader of patriot group of fighters known as the Green Mountain Boys
Second Continental Congress America's government during the revolutionary war
Continental Army Americas Patriot army during the revolutionary war
Thomas Paine British political radical and author of Common Sense ( About fighting for independence )
Declaration of Independence Document that declared American independence from Britain
Thomas Jefferson Delegate from Virginia who wrote the Declaration of Independence
Siege When enemy forces surround a town or city in order to force it to surrender
Artillery Cannons and large guns
Identify and Define the 4 steps of loading a Musket Bite off the end of the cartridge and pour gunpowder into the pan, then pour the extra down the barrel. Insert the ball still wrapped in paper into the barrel and ram it all the way down with a ram rod. Pull the hammer back and it will be ready to fire.
List the military strategies of the Colonists Attrition (Drag the war on), Guerrilla tactics (insurgent war, don't need to win battle just wear them down), make alliance with Britain's enemies (France/Spain).
Explain the phrase: One if by land, Two if by sea Paul Revere was going to hang 1 lantern if the British were on their way by land, and 2 if they were coming by sea
List the military strategies of the British Break the colonies in half by getting between North & South, blockade the ports to prevent flow of goods and supplies from an ally. "Divide & Conquer" - use the loyalists
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