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Chapter 9&10 Vocab

artisans skilled workers that produce goods by hand
putting-out system when a merchant would hire different families to do certain tasks in a production process for a set wage
Lowell system a labor and production model in New England that used young women, also known as mill girls, to work and live in the city
deskilling the process of breaking down skilled work into basic, repetitive steps
labor theory of value profits from the sale of the goods produced by workers should be equally distributed to the workers
Working Men's Party a political group that radically opposed what they saw as the exploitation of workers
land offices places where prospecive landowners could buy public land from the government
Cumberland Road a national highway that provided thousands with a route from Maryland to Illinois
Erie Canal a canal that linked the Hudson River to Lake Erie and markets in the West
Mohawk and Hudson Railroad the first steam-powered locomotive in the U.S. that led to the construction of many railroads across the country
code of deference the practice of showing respect for individuals who had distinguished themselves through accomplishments or birth
corrupt bargain the appointment of Henry Clay as secretary of state afterJohn Quincy Adams was elected in the House
Tariff of Abominations placed a high duty on imported goods in order to help American manufacturers, and southerners thought it was unfair
rotation in office the system of having term limits on political appointments, but in the Jackson era, it meant the replacement of officials with party loyalists
nullification the voiding of unwelcome federal laws
Whig party emerged in the early 1830s to oppose what members saw as President Jackson's abuses of power
Trail of Tears the route of the forced removal of the Cherokee and other tribes from the southeastern U.S. to the Oklahoma territory
tyranny of the majority Alexis de Tocqueville's phrase warning of the dangers of American democracy
monster bank the term Democratic opponents used to denounce the Second Bank as an emblem of special privilege and big government
log cabin campaign the 1840 election in which the Whigs painted William Henry Harrison as a man of the people
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