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Chapter 8 WesternCiv

Study Questions

Feudalism involved all of the following EXCEPT A payment by the vassal to the lord as rent for his fief.
What effect did primogeniture (bequeathing a family's entire estate to the eldest son) have on younger siblings? It forced younger sons to seek their fortunes as freebooters, as Church officials, or as crusaders.
A manor was all of the following EXCEPT A unit of church government.
Gender roles among peasants Divided the work between the sexes.
Europeans coped with the growth of population in all of the following ways EXCEPT Settling in the lands won by the crusades.
Which of the following was NOT a major trading zone in medieval Europe? The Atlantic zone that connected northern Europe with North Africa and the Middle East
Which of the following is true of medieval cities? Rich and poor lived side by side, often in the same house.
The most important event of the period for England's government was The Norman conquest.
The Capetian dynasty was able to establish itself in part through Fortunate childbearing.
In choosing rulers, the Germans developed a strong tradition of Elective kingship.
All of the following were problems of the Church needing reform EXCEPT The excessive authority of the pope.
The Cluniac movement helped reform monasteries because it Placed monasteries under the pope and the Abbot of Cluny rather than local lords.
The reforming popes of the eleventh and twelfth centuries accomplished all of the following EXCEPT Ending warfare among Christians by sponsoring the Crusades.
The investiture controversy was a struggle To control Church appointments.
Twelfth-century popes consolidated papal reforms by all of the following EXCEPT Strengthening the voice of Church councils.
The origins of the crusades included all of the following EXCEPT The moves by the Seljuk Turks to prevent Christian pilgrims from reaching Palestine.
The motives of the crusaders included all of the following EXCEPT a desire to Gain farmland for their peasants.
The First Crusade can be termed A resounding success.
The crusader states survived in Palestine for about 200 years.
The Fourth Crusade accomplished all of the following EXCEPT Reaching the Holy Lands.
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