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Chapter 7 WesternCiv

Study Questions

Heraclius accomplished all of the following EXCEPT Resisting Muslim encroachments.
The Byzantine Empire's government can best be characterized as Bureaucratic.
The Eastern Church and the Roman Church differed in all of the following ways EXCEPT Their desire to expand Christendom through missionary activity.
The Eastern and Western Churches came into direct conflict over the conversion of the Slavs.
The theme system involved all of the following EXCEPT Expanding the use of slaves and mercenary soldiers.
The production of which commodity was made into a state monopoly by Justinian? Silk
Byzantine culture produced significant examples of all of the following EXCEPT Scientific advances.
The social transformations that weakened the Byzantine Empire included all of the following EXCEPT The growing power of the Church over lay society.
The Arabs were receptive to Muhammad's message because they Were already in a state of political and religious ferment.
Ideas similar to which of the following religions are NOT found to any significant extent in Islam? Hinduism
Muhammad's leadership of Medina affected the nature of his teachings by Focusing him on problems of law and government.
The central tenet of Islam is Submission to the will of God.
Islam was able to expand rapidly for all of the following reasons EXCEPT Muhammad's inspired military leadership.
The Arabs were able to make and hold their conquests Through a unique combination of fanaticism and toleration in which they allowed Christians and Jews to maintain their only religion.
Medieval Islamic culture made significant advances in all of the following areas EXCEPT Archeology.
The resurgence of the West via the Islamic world was signified by all of the following EXCEPT The Seljuk capture of Baghdad.
Charlemagne's success ultimately depended on Victory in war.
Charlemagne made his government effective by all of the following EXCEPT Creating an elaborate bureaucracy.
The Carolingian Renaissance accomplished all of the following EXCEPT Creating an impressive array of monumental buildings.
The Carolingian Empire began to decline when it ceased to expand because It lost the ability to buy the aristocracy's loyalty with grants of new land.
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