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6th SS Ch 2 Sec 1

6th Grade social studies Chapter 2 section 1

The First people to the US were the ancestors of the current Native Americans
Scientists are not 100% sure how the Native Americans got to North America
Land between Asia and North America Bering (Bering Strait)
So many _____ caused the land area to increase in the world Glaciers
12,000 years ago hunters and families migrated across the Land Bridge
Stories told by word of mouth Oral Tradition
Stories used to teach about History
Many Native Americans believe they have always lived in the Americas
Early Native Americans were nomadic which means Moved from place to place
Early Native Americans followed the animals they Hunted
Objects made by people Artifacts
Early Native Americans hunted large animals like Mastodons and Woolly Mammoths
Early Native Americans gathered wild foods like Nuts, plants and roots
Early Native Americans were called Hunters and Gatherers
After climate change happens the huge animals Died out
After climate change people begin to fish and hunt Smaller animals
Early people begin to form tribes and share Language, land and leaders
Oldest known city San Lorenzo
One of the earliest civilizations in the Americas Olmec
Olmec Civilization was in Southern Mexico
Olmec Civilization timeframe 1500 BC to 300 AD
San Lorenzo is near a river which is used for Trade route and travel
Picture symbols Hieroglyphics
Mayan Civilization created number system including Zero
Mayan Civilization timeframe 300 AD to 900 AD
Civilization in southern Mexico, Guatemala and Norther Belize Mayan
Mayan Civilization develop9ed Writing System
Groups of people in a society that have something in common Class system
Class systems share Religious leaders, important families, traders and farmers
Possible reason Mayan civilization died out Drought
Mayan's build more than 100 Stone Cities
Largest Stone City TIKAL (100,000 people)
Ruled Mayan Cities Kings
Aden people lived from 1000 BC to 200 AD
Mounds were used for Burials
Some mounds were 90 feet high
Found near the Ohio River Valley Adena
Various Societies built earthen mounds for religious and ceremonial, burial, and elite residential purposes. Mound Builders
Mississippian cities Spiro and Cahokia
What state is Spiro in? Oklahoma
What state is Cahokia in? Illinois
Strong trade civilizations Mississippian
Lived in houses of multiple levels built again canyon walls Pueblos
Pueblos is located near Four Corners
Means village in Spanish Pueblo
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