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World Civ

Human Geography Pyramid, skyscraper, and Homes human-made Bridges for infrastructure
physical geography Environmental geography such as mountains, rivers, and Stone Etc
The Fertile Crescent I have to get this land from around the Nile River to the Persian Gulf including the Tigris and Euphrates River
Mesopotamia Located in the Middle East And was located in the land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers South Mesopotamia is where the Sumerians have a kid while North Mesopotamia was inhabited by the Assyrians
Sumerians The Sumerians were given credit for inventing the potter's wheel War chariots Wheels copper helmets Kilt sailboats clay nails they made a uniform system of writing angry traded lapis lazuli stone and use laxatives and diuretic
Ziggurat A rectangular steps Tower sometimes surmounted by a temple
Assyrians Known as Warriors how to draft of all male citizens into the army, conquered lands offered tribute and created and sculpture such as The winged Bull
Hittities Lived in the modern area of Turkey developed iron for tools and weapons and develop the peace treaty
Hebrews Hebrews began in the Sumerian city-state of her as followers of Abraham The Ten Commandments influence their growth of religion they developed synagogue, we're part of somatic cultures of the Mesopotamian area and they practiced circumcision
Babylonians Created Hammurabi's code of laws the Babylonians studied astronomy such as the Moon Venus and day and night cycles
Phoenicians Lived in the areas of modern Lebanon and Syria, developed an alphabet, expanded their influence of seapower through trade in the Mediterranean, made purple dye from shellfish
Identify and explain characteristics and contributions of early Mesopotamian and surrounding civilizations?
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