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AM Gov. Unit 6

Unit 6 Review

Identify the different types of jurisdiction. Original - First to hear a case Exclusive - Sole right Concurrent - Both State/Federal Appellate - Hear appeal to original decision
What is the difference between a defendant and the plaintiff? Plaintiff - Person that makes legal complaint Defendant - Person against when a case is filed
Explain the difference between judicial restraint and judicial activism Judicial restraint- Original meaning of Constitution Judicial Activism - Adapt the meaning of Constitution
This law organized the federal court system into district courts, circuit courts, and the Supreme Court? Judicial Act 1789
What is a court-martial? Hearing for a member of military
Which Supreme Court decision led the United States to civil war? Dred Scott
How many justices does the Supreme Court have today, and who normally is the Chief Justice? Nine Justices /Senior justice of the court.
After the Civil War, the Supreme Court tended to view economic regulation as something that did what? It was an assault on property rights
Explain the process of a Supreme Court case Selective cases, briefs, oral arguments, opinions, court orders
What order is used to seek the review of a lower court case? Writ of Certiorari
Who holds the power of impeach a federal judge? Congress
What does it mean if a court used precedent? Precedent - use a previous court ruling
What is the majority opinion of the Supreme Court? Opinion signed by at least 5 members
What is the dissenting opinion of the Supreme Court? It is the minority opinion of those that did not agree
What is the role of Senate Judiciary Committee? They hold confirmation hearing of Supreme Court nominees
What is misdemeanor? Minor criminal case
What is the role of the public defender? Appointed to people who cannot afford a lawyer
Explain the difference between civil law and criminal law? Civil Law - Private disputes between people over property/relationship Criminal Law - State & Federal laws
What is capital punishment? Punishment by death
What is a bench trial? Case decided by a judge without jury
What are the Miranda Rights? List of Constitutional rights that is read to suspects of a crime
What are your protected and non-protected speeches? Protected Speech - Speech protected by 1st Amendment of Constitution Non-Protected Speech - Little to no social value, profanity
What is a search warrant? Document that gives the police to authority to search private property
What is probable cause? Reasonable grounds for a search
Created by: sara.crews
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