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Chap. 1-Lundquist

How did Native Americans tribes use trees? To make canoes, for fire, homes, totem poles, and tools
In the Native American home, who managed the family, the home, and food? women
Children's role in the Native American home was to: help their mothers and train for adulthood through activities
______________means to travel. Migrate
The role of the government of the League of Iroquois was: to make rules so the groups would work together
Who hunted, did some farm chores, protected the village, and went on trade missions? Native American men
A group whose members share the same goals? league
___________built winter homes out of blocks of snow. Inuits
Three different characteristics that can define a culture: 1) Types of work and tools 2)Clothing and hairstyles 3) Ceremonies and celebrations
_____________is set of beliefs and way of life that is special to a certain group. Culture
Kachina dolls help the Pueblo people__________________________________. teach religion and talk to their ancestors
The____________________lived mainly from agriculture. Southwest (Pueblo)
A decision-making body of people: council
________________________were people who traveled to hunt and gather food. Hunter-Gatherers
Which Indians lived mainly off the sea? Pacific Northwest
__________moved often to search for food. Nomads
_______________lived near huge earthen mounds they created. Mound Builders
_______________means planting and raising their own food. Agriculture
The government of small and large Native American groups differed because __________tribes had many leaders. ________ tribes had one leader. big small
The system by which a group makes, shares, and uses goods is called________________. economy
Two groups of Indians relied on hunting-gathering. They are the: Southeast Northern Woodlands
A system for bringing water to dry fields is called__________. irrigation
The___________Indians were dependent on bison. Plains
A large animal that once roamed the plains by the millions were__________. bison
_________________built apartment-style houses on mesas; then cliff dwellings. Ancient Puebloans
To change; to survive in the conditions they are faced with means to___________. adapt
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