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Political Systems

Chancellor Title given to the head of government in Germany
Bicameral Having a legislature divided into an upper and lower house
Autocratic (Autocracy) or (Autocrat) A government where political authority rests with a single leader
Political Party An organization which represents a specific political agenda socioeconomic positions within a given nation
Prime Minister Title given to the head of government in a parliamentary democracy
President Title often given to the head of government in a presidential democracy
Democratic (Democracy) A government where political authority rests with the nation's citizens
Parliament Common name given to the legislature in a parliamentary democracy
People have different_________ when it comes to___________ in governments. -rights- -participating-
In some countries,__________ hold the power and__________ their leaders or rulers. -people- -elect-
They_______ on their leader. vote
Because many people are involved in making________, solving________ or responding to a_______ often takes______. -decisions- -problems- -crises- -time-
There are also countries that have one_______. ruler
This type of ruler may come to_____ through family_____, like a king or a queen, or may be a_____ in power because of______ strength. -power- -bloodlines- -dictator- -military-
Citizens in countries with Autocratic governments have___ say in the_____ or the government. -no- -laws-
Such rulers with full power often do not know what is____ for their country and it's_______. -best- -people-
Examples of a Autocratic government. Czars in Russia were autocrats
Examples of a Democratic government. Germany is a democratic country
Type of rule: Autocratic Single ruler
Type of rule: Democratic Citizens of the country
Who holds the power: Autocratic Unlimited power for the ruler
Who holds the power: Democratic The voters
Who can be elected: Autocratic No-one - Citizens have no choice in selecting a ruler
Who can be elected: Democratic Any citizen - with some restrictions; age ,jail, etc..
Who can vote: Autocratic No citizen participation- no elections are held
Who can vote: Democratic Any Citizen- not in jail, over 18, etc.
Parliamentary; What is the leader called Prime Minister
Presidential; What is the leader called President
Parliamentary; Prime Minister-______ parliament and the chief________. -heads- -executive-
Legislative branch in Germany and the United Kingdom Parliament
Having two houses in the legislative branch of government Bicameral
Some autocrats come to power through family_____ blood-lines
United Kingdom's leader Prime Minister
Citizenship Participation: One person with complete control; people have no say in government Autocracy
In a parliamentary government, unlike a presidential government, the head of government belongs to or was selected from this branch Legislative
Citizenship Participation: All citizens have say in government Democracy
_______ high in a democracy Citizen Participation
Who has the most power in both a parliamentary and a presidential democracy Citizens
In this type of government Queen Cragin is limited by a set of laws Constitutional Monarchy
In a parliamentary democracy, the Prime minister is a member of this branch Legislative
Autocrats who come to power that do not use family bloodlines probably use_____ to come to power
Germany's leader Chancellor
Hitler is an example of Dictatorship
The chief executive heads the_____ military
Neither a prime minister nor a president make____ laws
Russia's leader president
Created by: Simrah Qaddus
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