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8 Hist Ch 4 Test 4

1. Large number of converts 2. New missionary works 3. Effects on higher education - new colleges 4. Rearranging in the churches 5. Increased the gap between church and state 6. Close the gap between social classes 7. Desire for political freedom List and describe the 7 results of the Great Awakening? (Be sure to add on to the information listed. Dig for information from your notes and your book pp. 65-67. Also, remember things we discussed in class.)
Anglicans Which religious group was supervised by commissaries sent by the Bishop of London?
Apprenticeship Under what system did young men in the colonies learn a trade?
Aristocrats what type of people, including the Faneuils and Hancocks, made up the colonial upper class?
colonial women Who had GREAT influence in the home?
colonial women Who took over the business when the husband was absent?
Congregationalists What was the denominational name that described the New England Puritans?
dame schools What were schools that met in the homes of widows or single ladies called?
David Brainerd Who was a devoted missionary to the Indians?
Deism What philosophy asserted that God created the universe and then stepped aside to let the laws of nature function without His intervention?
Enlightenment What movement of the 1700s exalted rational thinking and critical reasoning?
Europe Even after American colleges were founded, some colonists continued to send their sons to _______________ to go to school.
father In the ideal colonial family the _____________ played a strong role.
George Whitefield What English preacher spoke to large outdoor crowds during the Great Awakening?
grammar school People in colonial America usually learned Greek, Latin, and natural philosophy in ________ _________.
Half-Way Covenant What agreement in 1622 allowed the unsaved children of Puritans to become church members?
Harvard College What was the first institution of higher learning in the colonies?
the home In colonial families, what was the center of the economic activity?
the home What was the center of colonial life?
hornbook What "book" did colonial children use to help them learn the alphabet and other simple lessons?
hospital and church In addition to being home, the house often acted as a ______________ or a _________________.
Huguenots Which religious group was made of French colonists who settled in some of the colonies?
Indians After the Great Awakening many new missionary works were started among the ______________.
Intellectuals Which movement did the Unitarian movement have a lot of effect on?
Jews Which religious group were often treated as pagans by Protestant colonists?
Jonathan Edwards Who was a famous pastor from Northampton, Massachusetts?
Jonathan Edwards Who preached a well-known sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"?
Massachusetts Which colony led in the provision of education for its children?
The middle class Which social class could climb the social ladder, most owned land and their own home, and its members included shopkeepers, clergymen, and carpenters?
Moravians Which religious group was made of German settlers who followed the early reformer John Huss?
NO Did Masters always keep the slave families together?
No Did colonial women have the same legal rights as men?
Noah Webster Who wrote the Blue-Backed Speller?
Old Deluder Satan Act What act provided for local education in Massachusetts?
older slave women Who cared for the slave children while the mothers were working during the day?
Parents Who was responsible for the children's education in the colonial family?
pastors and missionaries After the Great Awakening, new colleges were established to train _________ and _________.
Pennsylvania Which colony was the most tolerant colony toward various religions?
People were uninterested in spiritual things. Why was the Great Awakening needed in the colonies?
political freedom After the Great Awakening, many colonists desired ______________ freedom.
Raise some of their own food and sell the excess What was one way some slaves were allowed to earn money?
Redemptioner What type of servant came from continental Europe with his family, hoping to find a friend or relative to pay their passage?
Same amount of time at work Did slaves work more than free workers or did they work the same amount of time?
Samuel Davies Who was a Virginia preacher during the Great Awakening?
See pp. 60-61 in the book Study from your notes Remember what we discussed in class. Why did the Puritan Congregationalists adopt the Half-Way Covenant, and what was the result?
slave family Having a ___________ ___________ helped the slaves endure the hardships of bondage.
Southern colonies In which region of the colonies were children often provided an education by a private tutor?
strict social class The colonists were VERY concerned about strict _____________ _____________.
supernatural works of God MANY early colonists believed in the _____________________ works of __________.
Unitarians Which religion was especially strong among some of American intellectuals?
William Tennent Who founded a college in a log cabin?
Created by: Mrs_CC
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