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History Unit 2

Gentry people of wealth and education; top of society who owned large tracts of land
Yeoman owners of small farms
Militia volunteer soldiers
Proprietary Colony a colony owned and ruled by one person
Royal Colony a colony under direct control of the king
Joint Stock Company stock companies allowed several investors to pool their wealth in support of a colony for profit
Separatists/Puritans a religious group who decided to take the Mayflower and settle in the New World. They wanted to eliminate all traces of the Catholic church and traditions of the church of England
Indentured Servants people who agreed to work for free for a period of time in exchange for passage to the New World, food, and shelter
Headright system anyone who paid their own way passage would receive 50 acres of land
Sir Walter Raleigh an English explorer and scholar who organized three major expeditions to the New World
Amadas and Barloe English explorers who led the 1st English expedition to Roanoke Island in 1584
John White governor of the 2nd colony (The Lost Colony) at Roanoke
John Smith the first leader of the Jamestown Colony
John Rolfe he found a way to harvest tobacco and he was married to Pocahontas
Pocahontas a Powhatan Native American who helped the Jamestown colonists. She saved the life of John Smith and she was married to John Rolfe
Willian Penn an English Quaker leader who founded the Providence of Pennsylvania
William Bradford the leader of the Plymouth Colony
What are three reason that people came to the New World? "God,Gold,Glory". God- religious freedom, Gold- money, Glory- land and job opportunities
What was Amadas and Barlowe hired for? They were hired to establish the first English colony in the New World.
What did they report and how did that impact English colonization? They reported that there were tall trees, fruits, grains, fish, wildlife, and friendly natives. Based on their report England decided to establish a colony in Roanoke.
What was the name of the first English colony in the New World? Ralph Lane Colony on Roanoke Island
What happened to the Ralph Lane Colony? It failed due to hunger and bad relations with natives.
What was the name of the second English colony on Roanoke Island? John White/Lost Colony
What happened to the John White Colony? It failed due to lack of food and supplies.
Why is St Augustine important? St. Augustine, Florida, founded in 1565, by the Spanish was the longest continuously occupied settlement in North America.
What was the first successful permanent English colony and why? Jamestown was the first permanent English colony because of the leadership of John Smith.
What was the starving time and why did it happen? The starving time was a period of time of starvation and cannibalism after John Smith left. It happened because of a lack of food.
What was the first colony to introduce slavery? Jamestown
What is the Mayflower Compact? The first legal agreement in USA that established a framework for government.
Why was the Mayflower Compact important? The Mayflower Compact was important because it provided rules and organization for the colonists.
What were the Salem Witch Trials? Accusations of witchcraft which led to the hanging of innocent people in Massachusetts.
What was the Middle Passage? A trade route from Africa to the Americas.
What was the Triangular Trade Route? A trade route between Europe, America, and Africa
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