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LH Test Unit: 5

What were the rights of slaves during the Antebellum period? pretty much none, Except: travel with slaveholders, live in slave quarters, pass on traditions
What is a limitation on the lives of free people of color? How many of them were in Louisiana by the 1840s? They had a curfew. There were only 25,000 of them in Louisiana.
How did Mardi Gras evolve in the 1850s? Parades and masquerade balls
What type of work did Irish immigrants do in the 1800s? Why did various immigrant groups come to Louisiana in the 1800s? The work that the Irish did was, build canals and rail roads. Various groups came to escape war, fine new opportunities, escape poverty in famine.
In Louisiana, which city was key to Antebellum commerce? New Orleans
How to do cash crops correlate to the slaves of the Antebellum period? Required more labor.
What were the main cash crops? Cotton, corn, and sugar
What are the main points to know about sugarcane production in Louisiana? Lots of labor and land, warm areas, expensive machinery
Name the varies impacts of the cotton gin on the southern economy, Increased labor, increased profit, more farms, more demand; cotton gin separated seed from fiber, made it faster
What invention led to a higher demand for cotton? The sewing machine
Who were the candidates for president in 1824? Henry Clay, John Q. Adams, and Andrew Jackson
Describe the goal of the "head and Master" statues. Men controlled the family property, and women could not own property.
Explained the main political belief of the American Party. No immigrants. wanted to restrict immigrant rights
The state constitution gave what to white males? What was the change to the courts in the 1852 constitution? Voting rights without owning property (male over 21), increased justices
The Embargo act impacted which groups. American exporters lost profit, American merchants sold less, French and British merchants raised process, American farmers had less
What was the result of the Battle of Tippecanoe? How did this push us into the war of 1812? America won the battle American beat the combined American Tribes. We found the British helping the Tribes.
Name the last battle of the War of 1812. Physically what are some key points to the battle and why America won so solidly. Battle of New Orleans; Americans more familiar with terrain, Brits trapped in swamp, Brits exposed when fog lifted, American troops behind canal
Why is the war of 1812 called the "Second war of Independence"? What was the impact of winning this war? Between Brits and Americans without help. Gave them spirit of patriotism!
What is the population requirement to become a state in the early 1800s? 60,000 free males - no slaves
When 1812 did we become a state? What issues were faced to become a state? 1812; cultural differences, boundaries not clear, had the Napoleonic Code
Passage from the constitution of Louisiana 1812...Know who is represented. Delegates reprinting Louisiana
What is the final city to be named the capital of Louisiana and when was it made official? Baton Rouge 1847. First was Nola. Second was Donaldsonville
From a list of statements-what represents Baton Rouge? Capital, home of LSU, over 800,000 people, East bank of MS river
How did Governor Claiborne change the parish system and how did people respond to it? Changes in regard to African Americans too. 12 counties, people were upset, renamed parishes and put it in the constitution. Claiborne no longer allowed the purchase of freedom, adopted a new slave code, white people in charge of colored militia units.
What are some traits of been a territory? Controlled by nation, short term status with rights.
The US responded how to the Republic of West Florida? President ordered troops to claim it for US
What are some of the impacts from the migration of saint-domingue refugees? Increased population, diversity, and sugarcane industry.
Aaron Burr conspiracy had what goal? He wanted to create his own nation.
What were Jefferson's goals for Claiborne as the first governor? Settle conflict between Creole and Americans, Make a republic, make it part of America
The Battle at which city inspired the "Star-Spangled Banner"? Battle of Baltimore
Railroad expansion was big in the Antebellum period- how did this impact production and shipping of goods? Faster and more goods shipped over land
Steamboats had what impact on the economy of Louisiana? Faster travel on water, trade upriver and canals allowed shipping from more areas inlands
What was the role of "factors" in the Antebellum economy? Heart of economy; give loans to plantation owners, oversee shipment incoming, arranged shipping of crops and materials
Which disease had many deadly outbreaks in Louisiana during the 1800s? Yellow fever
New Orleans as a capital was a concern for what main reasons? NOLA had high French population, many were Creole not Anglo, rural areas wanted representation
Created by: kalynnlee
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