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Mrs Miller Grade 6

Democracy in Action

Name the 5 freedoms that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects. Say what you think, Think wand believe what we like, Follow any religion we choose, Meet peacefully with others, and Give your opinion to the media
The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees our____________ and _____________. rights and freedoms
The Charter states that "_______________________________", which means the government can limit a persons rights and freedoms. "subject to reasonable rights"
When citizens in a democracy believe they are being denied these rights, they can seek what? protection
Aboriginal Rights state that Aboriginal people have the rights to their _________________________________ even where there is no treaties. traditional territories
Language Rights state that citizens and federal government representatives can speak in both ___________ and ___________. English and French
The more people participate in their society, the more ________________ a society becomes. democratic
When people become involved in an issue that benefits them personally, their actions often benefits __________. others
All Canadian citizens have the right to __________ for their provincial and federal government. vote
Who chooses who forms the government? Citizens
______________________ have a responsiblity to listen to the needs of All citizens. representatives
Who has to follow the Rule of Law? everyone
What is more important that voting in an election? making a difference in your society
Created by: Caurie