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Unit 2 History

What is Republicanism? it is a belief that government should be based on the consent of the people by people excercising their power by voting for political representatives
What is Limited Government? it is the principle that requires all US citizens, including government leaders, to obey the law
What is Checks and Balances? it is the ability of each branch of government to excersise, checks or controls, over the other branches
What is Federalism? (7 Principles of the Constitution) it is a system of government where power is shared between the central (federal) government and the state governments
What is Separation of Powers? it is the division of basic government roles into 3 powers.
What is Popular Sovereignty? (7 Principles of the Constitution) it is a government in which the people rule; a system in which residents vote to decide an issue
What is Individual Rights? it is a personal liberty and privilege guaranteed to US citizens by the Bill Of Rights
What is Preamble? it is an intro to a document
What is a Constitution? it is a document outlining the fundimental principles and structures of a government
What is Popular Sovereignty? (Vocab) it is independent power given to people
What is Republicanism? it is a government in which representatives are chosen
What is Federalism? (Vocab) it is a political system in which power is shared between a national centralized government and a collection of smaller state government
What are the 3 Branches of Government? Legislative- makes laws Executive-enforces laws Judicial- interprets the laws
What is the 1st Amendment? Freedom of religion, speech, press, petition, and assembly
What is the 2nd Amendment? Right to bear arms - right to own guns and maintain state militias
What is the 3rd Amendment? No quartering of soldiers - No forced housing of soldiers in private homes
What is the 4th Amendment? No search and seizure - Law enforcement needs to have a good reason and in most cases a warrant, to search and seize people's properties
What is the 5th Amendment? Right to due process (trial), to remain silent. No person can be tried more than once for the same crime and the government cannot take your land without just compensation
What is the 6th Amendment? Right to a speedy trial, to have a lawyer, to know why arrested, to question witnesses to testify on behalf of the accused.
What is the 7th Amendment? Right to a trial by jury in noncriminal/civil cases involving more than $20
What is the 8th Amendment? Protects unfair bail, excessively high fines and cruel and unusual punishment
What is the 9th Amendment? People have other basic rights not specifically listed in the Constitution
What is the 10th Amendment? The states and people retain powers not specifically listed in the Contitution
What is the Deceleration Of Independence? It is a document stating that the 13 original colonies intent to separate from England
What is the US Constitution? it is a document stating the foundation of US government- Supreme Law of the Land
What is the Bill of Rights? it is what is added to the US Constitution in 1791 outlining the freedoms of US citizens
What is the Texas Constitution? In 1876 it was written to reflect the US Constitution to include three branches of government, seven principles of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
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