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2nd six weeks test review

• Stephen F. Austin Father of Texas old 300
• Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna president of Mexico and military leader for Mexico during the Texas Revolution
• Haden Edwards Epresario who caused trouble when he demanded titles and the Fredonia Rebellion
• Mier y Teran investigator sent by Mexican Government to find out why the Fredonian rebellion happened recommended 3 things-1. More European/Mexican settler 2. More Mexican army in the colony. 3. More trade between Texas and Mexico
• Lorenzo de Zavala emprsario
• William B. Travis co-commander of the Alamo wrote a famous letter for help from USA • Martin de Leon-Empresario
• Sam Houston Leader of Texas Army during Revolution. Runaway Scrape and the Battle of San Jacinto
• James Bowie Co-commander of the Alamo
• George Childress author of the Texas Declaration of independence
• James Fannin commander of Goliad-ignored Houston command and was captured and executed with his men. Massacre of Goliad
• Juan Seguin
• Know the effects that Austin’s colony success had on Mexican Texas There was a big increase in population, Had a constitution that called to create Texas y Coahuilla, New Laws
• Describe the Fredonian Rebellion Edward brothers claimed independence because Mexican government cancelled their land grants
• Describe the Mier y Teran Report After his inspections he recommended that the Mexican government do 3 things 1. Increase trade between Mexico and Texas 2. Send more troops to Texas colonies 3. Encourage more European and Mexican immigration to Texas
• Describe the Law of April 6th 1830 A law the erased constitutional law and greatly interfered in the lives of American immigrants
• Know the significant events of 1821 When Mexico got independence and SFA received land grant to establish a colony.
• Know the significant events of 1836 Year Texas Became independent from Mexico
• Describe the Conflict at Anahuac. Caused by the law 1830, when Texans protest anti American actions from a military garrison prohibiting American immigration. Mexico felt this was a rebellion. Travis was jailed
• Describe the Turtle Bayou Resolutions This was an attempt to explain how the Anahuac trouble was not an example of Texans rebelling against Mexico law
• List the rights guaranteed by the Mexican Constitution of 1824 A representative form of government
• Describe how the Mexican Constitution was erased with the Law of April 6th, 1830 The Law of April 6th, 1830 cancelled most of the rights American immigrants were granted under the construction of 1824
• Know the order of events in the Road to Revolution Fredonia Rebellion, Mier y Teran, Decree (LAW) of April 6, 1830, Austin’s Arrest
• Know why Mier y Teran was sent to investigate Texas He was sent to east Texas to find out why they were claiming independence
• Describe why Santa Anna coming into power was significant He was elected to support constitutional rights but went back on his promises and enforced a centralist government Ignoring and erasing 1824 constitution pushing American immigrants towards rebellion
• Describe the Mexican National Era Mexico adopted the Empresario system as a means to establish control of their territory
• List the major contributions of Empresarios in Texas Settled land in Coastal Plains region, Moses Austin, Stephen Austin, Martin de Leon, Green Dewitt, Sterling Robinson, Hayden Edwards
• Know where the majority of empresarios colonies were located. Gulf Plains region
Gulf Plains region As commander of the Alamo forces his courageous plea for help is remembered. Victory or death in defending the Alamo
• Know the details of the Battle of Gonzales and its significance First Battle of the Texas revolution (Lexington of Texas) won by Texans and gave them a lot of confidence
• List the co-commanders of the Alamo William B. Travis and James Bowie
• Know the events that increased tension between Texas and Mexico Fredonian Rebellion-Mier y Teran-Law of April 6 1830- Conflict at Anahuac,-Bayou Resolution-arrest of SFA-Texas Revolution
• Know the purpose of the Conventions of 1823 and 1833 Resolution requesting changes from Mexican Government. To formally request statehood for Texas and establish a state government
• Describe the letter Austin sent to the Mexican Government Part of convention goals to formally request separate statehood for Texas and establish a state government
• Describe the letter Austin sent back to Texas. He was frustrated with being ignored by Santa Anna and Mexican Government so he ordered Texas government to go ahead with plans for statehood
• Describe the Battle of San Jacinto and its significance The last battle of the Texas Revolution on April 21, 1836 Texas gained independence from Mexico in an 18 minute battle.
• Describe the Runaway Scrape Sam Houston was fleeing eastward to avoid fighting Santa Anna’s army due to the fact that he did not think his troop was ready.
• Describe the Goliad Massacre When Houston ordered Fannin to leave Goliad, Fannin ignored him and stayed. He and his troops were captured and eventually executed at Goliad
• Describe push-pull factors and how they affected the Empresario system during the Mexican National Era Push Factors-influence that motivates people to leave their own country for another Pull Factors- influence that motivates people to come to another country
Created by: LHall2908
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