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Road To Revolution

competing empires England and France feared,competed with each other. Native Americans on land owned by both countries. French left Natives alone; British did not
general Edward Braddock British military official used to fighting in an open filed marched men in red coats and a single line he and half of his men died
seven years war Britain declared war on France included most major world powers at the time
William Pitt prime minister of Britain
James Wolfe one of Britain's top generals
The Ohio River Valle french and British wanted land here the french built forts the governor of Virginia sent G.W to tell french to leave French did not
forts and conflicts rise Washington returned and built a fort Washington's troops attacked a small french fort This began the french and Indian war
the Albany congress meeting o fthe colony leaders purpose to get colonists to help defeat the french
the Albany plan of union created by Ben Franklin would control western settlement would handle relations with NA could organize armies and collect taxes colony rejected the plan
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