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History Exam 3

Julius Caesar was a roman *blank* general
Caesar's army conquered *blank Gahl
Caesar was well known in Rome and brought in his army in *blank* BC 49 BC
Caesar now ruled the state however he was assassinated in *blank* BC 44 BC
Who were the three men that preceded Julius Caesar? Mark Antony, Lepidus, & Octavian
Which of the three men were related to Caesar? Octavian
Octavian's undeniable offer to Lepidus resulted in.. Early Retirement
Who did Mark Anthony marry? Cleapatra
What did Octavian accuse Mark Antony of trying to be.. Egyptian King
Octavian sent an army to kill him and he was killed in *blank* BC 31 BC
Octavian annexed *blank* as Roman Empire Egypt
Octavian was such a good ruler, in 27 BC, he was called... Augustus Caesar
Pax Romana- lasted from *blank* to *blank* Means "Roman Peace"- lasted from 30 BC to 180 AD
Removed corrupt *blank* and replaced them with hand picked people government officials
Augustus Caesar (Octavian) died in.. AD 14
Augustus was succeeded by his step-son... Tiberius
Tiberius rained from... AD 14 until AD 37- died at the age of 70
Tiberius was succeeded by his nephew... Caligula
Caligula rained from AD 37-41
During the *blank* century AD, the Roman Empire was on the decline 3rd Century
The Roman Empire had 4 economic problems such as: 1. trade decline 2. agriculture production decline 3. deforestation 4.less slave labor; more tenate farmers
The Roman Empire had 2 governmental issues: 1. Chaos Prevailed 2. Army now taking matters into their own hands
From AD 192 to 284, there were *blank* emperors and they all died due to violence. 33 emperors
The rise of *blank* rose during the time of Rome's issues Christianity
Christianity was founded by the teachings of.. Jesus
Christianity became a world religion due to.. St. Paul
The New Testament was wrote in.. Greek
the Old Testament was wrote in.. Hebrew
Christianity had a strict belief in.. monotheism
Christianity was banned in the Roman Empire and by year 111, Christianity can be.. executed
Christians were prosecuted because of two reasons: 1. wouldn't praise/ worship emperor 2.refused public office and military services
In the year 250, the emperor *blank* began a severe persecution of Christians; however it eased off in a year after he died Desius
In 312, *blank* began an effort to become emperor. Constantine
In 322, he took office with the help of the *blank* Christians
Days before Constantine died in 337, he allowed himself to be.. Baptized
His support sent Christianity on the way to be a *blank*religion state religion
By the end of the 300s, Christianity had introduced Pagen ways such as.. Christmas and Easter
The church's official state was.. Orthodoxy
The Olmec Civilization had *blank* city states Big city states
Olmec Civilization 1.Areas like *blank* were abandoned 2.There was evidence of over used land which led to a *blank* 1. Tikal 2. Food Shortage
Olmec Civilization 1. The planet *blank* was important 2. Evidence of *blank* sacrfice 1. Venus 2. Human Sacrifice
The Olmec Civilization fell by... 900 AD
The Aztec Civilization appeared by *blank* AD and began to expand 1100 AD
Aztec Civilization 1.Around *blank*, they began building their capital 2. Mostly known and noted for *blank* 1. 1325 2. Human Sacrifice
Aztec Civilization 1. They extend their territory to most of modern day.. 2. This helped the *blank* as they were beginning to fight the Aztec. 1. Mexico 2. Spaniards
Incan Civilization 1. Located in.. 2.Dont appear until the.. 1. South America 2. Mid 1400s
Incan Civilization 1. One of the largest: From Pacific Coast to the.. 2. Over *blank*miles of road 1. Indies 2. 20,000
Incan Civilization 1. The God of the *blank* was the most prominent 2.Agriculture was important, they grew *blank* and *blank* 1. Sun 2. Potatoes and Corn
Incan Civilization 1. Capital is... 2.By 1438, they started to expand, and the *blank* came in to conquer the Incas 1. Cuzco 2. Spaniards
Incan Civilization 1. Spaniards rode on.. 2. Inca/s were fighting with *blank* and *blank* 1. Horses 2.Spears and Bows & Arrows
In 406, a German tribe appeared.. The Vandals
The Visigoth's captured... Rome
Visigoth ruler Alaric tried to make piece w/ emperor that was hiding, however Alaric died in... 410 AD
The vandals were then pushed into *blank* and began ravishing the coast North Africa
The real fonder of Latin Theology is St. Augustine
St. Jerome translated the bible into *blank* in 405 AD Latin
The bishop has authority over.. priests and deans
After the one year probation period in monanstasystem, three vows had to be made; poverty, obedience and chasity
Once in the monanstasystem, you're in for life, have no private *blank* and must cut ties with the outside *blank* 1. property 2. outside world
*blank* means submission to will of Allai Islam
followers of Islam are called *blank* Muslims
Muhammad is the father of Islam
Muhammad was born in *blank* AD and died in *blank AD Born in 570 AD &&& Died in 632
German tribes were a big threat; very *blank* and *blank* War like and wreckles
Romans were successful in defending against the german tribes until the *blank* century 4th century
Mass invasion started in *blank* AD 376 AD
Christianity had been introduced to the visigoths between *blank* and *blank* AD 367-369 AD
Visigoths are from the West
Ostrogoths are from the East
*blank* are described as short, bo-legged, yellow skin and hairless face Huns
Ostrogoths conquered the Visigoths and the Visigoth's turned to the *blank* for help, under certain exceptions Romans
After a year, the Visigoth's broke their word and defeated the roman *blank* army
The emperor at constanople made a deal and allowed them to settle down as *blank* allies
However after the emperor died, the Visigoth's picked up again and the *blank* roman defenses were crumbling West Roman
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