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Archaeology Vocab

archaeology the study of past cultures and the way people lived based on objects left behind.
artifact man-mad objects that give clues to past cultures.
conservation specialized cleaning and treatment given to artifacts to artifacts to ensure their survival.
culture the unique customs, beliefs and art of a group of people.
deed a legal document stating ownership.
ecofact a natural object such as pollen ao a seed.
excavate to expose or undercover by digging.
feature an item people made or used that cannot be moved such as foundation walls and brick walkways.
historic site a place where people who kept written records once lived
kiln a special type of oven used to bake a clay at a high temperature
pottery objects molded from clay and hardened with heat
prehistoric site a place where human activity occurred before written records were kept
sieve a mesh screen or strainer witch allows small particles to pass through, holding back larger particles
survey to take measurements of a tract of land
zooarchaeologist an archaeologist who studies animal bones found on archaeological sites
Created by: Snelson-24