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Religious Conflict

Religious Conflict Unit study guide

This religion was founded in Judea/Palestine and the area makes up most of Israel today. Judaism Byzantium Egypt
Religious Text, Muhammad recited it. Koran Bible Vedas
Sacred Hindu writings. Vedas Koran Torah
To live a good life and work hard follows this ethic. Protestant Work Ethic Valhalla Ethic Byzantine Ethic
Life and Culture of the Byzantine Empire was largely influenced by the Eastern Orthodox Church Roman Catholic Church the Hebrew Temple
This religion was founded in Nepal but spread throughout Asia Buddhism Hinduism Judaism
All the following are Monotheistic faiths except Hinduism Judaism Christianity
To not believe in god is an aspect of Atheism Islam Judaism
There is no proof that God exists or does not exist, so therefore God may be or not be is an example of Agnosticism Judaism Islam
This gave birth to modern day Israel UN Partition Magna Carta Pilgrims Progress
Today Hamas rules over Gaza while this group has political control in the West Bank PLO Knesset Arab League
For posting his 95 Thesis and leading the charge of reform he was excommunicated by Pope Leo X Martin Luther John Calvin Henry VIII
The Islamic Empire quickly conquered the Middle East, North Africa and the southern parts of Spain most of Asia Europe and the Middle East
Pakistan was established for people of this religion Islam Hindu Buddhist
For a time this nation ruled over both Palestine and India Great Britain China Byzantium
Pakistan was established in 1947 as a homeland for people of this faith Islam Hindu Judaism
Some people believe that Israel should become a country for Jews and another country for Muslims, this is the Two State Solution the One State Solution the UN Partition
This group wanted to violently overthrow British Control of Northern Ireland. IRA UDA Ulster Provisional Army
What actions by the Roman Catholic church prompted Luther's 95 Thesis Indulgences Sacrements Tithes
Conflict in Northern Ireland has been fought between Catholics and Protestants Muslims and Jews Hindus and Muslims
What issue did Henry VIII have with the Roman Catholic Church so he created the Church of England? Divorce Indulgences Sacrements
One result of the Crusades on Europe was improved technology and medicine Cities and towns died away due to lack of trade. Peace was achieved between Christians, Muslims and Jews
Martin Luther believed that Salvation comes from faith alone The bible should only be in Latin Indulgences should be cheaper
Religion founded in India and is the most worshiped in India to this day. Hinduism Christianity Judaism
Sacred book that includes the Old Testament of the Hebrews and Christian New Testament. Bible Koran Torah
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