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Unit 1 Chapter 4


The French and Indian War 1753 1753- French troops from _Canada_______ began to march south. They wanted to seize and fortify the _Ohio River Valley___________. Britain protested this invasion and tried to claim Ohio for themselves.
The French and Indian War 1574 Ensign de Jumonville and ⅓ of his escort is killed by a British patrol led by George Washington. In retaliation, the _French and the Indians defeat the British at Fort Necessity. Washington surrenders after losing ⅓ of his force.
The French and Indian War 1755 The British create a plan to defeat the French. Montcalm successfully captures Fort Beausejour, _Major General Edward Baddock troops are defeated in the Battle of Monongahela, and William Johnson’s troops _stop the French advance at Lake George.
The French and Indian War 1756 The _Seven Year’s War_____________________ begins at Great Britain declares war on France, expanding the North American conflict to __Europe,Africa,Asia,and South America____________________________________.
The French and Indian War 1757 The French led by _Montcalm___________ capture Fort William Henry. Following the surrender, Montcalm’s actions _angers his Indian allies____________________ who capture or kill hundreds of _unarmed British______________.
The French and Indian War 1758 William Pitt implements cooperative policies toward colonial legislatures to receive more _colonial support for the war, the __Treaty of Easton _ is signed with the Six Nations, and the _British________ take control of the Forks of the Ohio.
The French and Indian War 1759 French surrender _Quebec_______ after a battle outside of the city on the Plains of Abraham.
The French and Indian War 1760 The British captured _Montreal_______ ending the conflict in North America.0ik
The French and Indian War 1763 February 10: The Treaty of Paris ends the war between Britain and France.
The French and Indian War 1763 Part 2 April: Ottawa Chief _Pontaic______ unites many American Indian nations in an effort to __drive British off their land_____________________. Colonel Henry Bouqet leads the British army and _defeats_______ Native American forces at Bushy Run.
The stamp Act February 6, 1765, George Grenville his stamp bill.The bill was put in effect on March 22,1765. The tax was put into effect because of all the debt from the war.
The Proclamation of 1763 Closed off the land the was “won” from the French and Indian war from expansion . Excluded the Ohio River Valley and all territory from the Ohio to the Mississippi rivers from settlement.
The Proclamation of 1763 part 2 It established 4 new colonies: Quebec, East Florida, West Florida and Grenada All Indian territory that was occupied by englishmen had to be abandoned. The king was protecting the Indians.
The Intolerable Act British lost a lot of money due to the goods being looted,stolen and destroyed. The townsend got rid of all the acts except for the tea act.The British passed several punitive acts aimed at bringing the colonies back into submission of the king.
Nonimportation Agreement
Sons of Liberty
Common sense
William Howe
Charles Cornwallis
George Washington
Committees of Correspondance
Olive Branch Petition
Family Compact
Paul Revere
Patrick Henry
The Treaty of Paris 1783
First Continental Congress
Second Continental Congress
Pontiac's Conspiracy
Declaratory Act
Lexington and Concord
Bunker Hill June 17 1775 The British This was the battle that had convinced Britain that the colonists were serious about getting their freedom, and breaking away, and that this wasn’t a little rebellion, and that is was a revolution
Saratoga September 19 and October 7 1777 The victory convinced the French monarchy that the Continental Army had at least a decent chance of winning the war.
Yorktown September 28 October 17 Americans
Yorktown Part 2 There was a great amount of casualties. Yes this was worth it to show the king that they will get their freedom at all costs.
Yorktown Part 3 The American victory looked like they were proud for what they had did, and they were and they should be because they had fought extremely hard for that moment to get the freedom that they felt like they should have.
King's Mountain October 7 1780 Americans They used guerilla warfare to attack It was the first setback in the British campaighn
Created by: A.Heiser
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