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The New Nation

The Articles of Confederation did NOT give Congress the power to what? control trade, set up an army, raise money with taxes, force states to obey its laws
The Articles of Confederation was a document to form a central government after the War of Independence
In 1787, Congress called a meeting about the Articles of Confederation to make the national government stronger
What caused Shay's Rebellion? the government taking farms when farmers could not pay their debts
States like Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut were opposed to the Virginia plan because larger states would have more votes
The Constitutional Convention decided to count slaves in the population how? 5 slaves equaled 3 free men
James Madison was regarded for honesty at the Constitutional Convention, because he recorded all sides of each debate even if he didn't agree
The Great Compromise was made during the Constitutional Convention to represent states both by population and by equal votes
A system of "Checks and Balances" is important because no branch of government should have too much power
What are the three branches of government? Executive, legislative, and Judicial
A Legislature can override a veto by a 2/3rds majority vote
The Bill of Rights, also known as the first ten amendments of the Constitution protects the rights and freedoms of all citizens
Under the Constitution passes in 1787 the Senate and House of Representatives can write laws, declare war, approve judges
Why does the Constitution include a way to make amendments? to change the Constitution according to the will of the people
Only the Federal Government can (the state government cannot) issue money
Three patriotic leaders who participated in the Constitutional Convention were George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison
Under the Constitution, the United States has a federal system of government. Trade between states is make easier because there is a common money system among all the states
In the Preamble to the Constitution the phrase 'We the People" means that the government is chosen by its citizens
Ratify means to what to accept
A citizen is an official member of a city, state, or nation
Unconstitutional means not in agreement with the constitution
Inauguration means the official ceremony to make someone President
to veto means to reject
territory is land that is ruled by a national government but has no representatives in government
an ordinance is a law
Compromise means a settlement in which both sides give up something they want
Amendment a change in the constitution
Checks and balances are a system that lets each branch of the government limit the power of the other two
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