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sc history test 1

What are the 3 main river systems in SC? Santee, Pee Dee, and Savannah
an island which helps protect the coastline from waves and storms BARRIER ISLAND
oval depression, usually with a sandy rim, found in the Coastal Plain CAROLINA BAY
triangle shaped land at the mouth of a river, formed by deposited material DELTA
long period with no rain DROUGHT
height above sea level ELEVATION
point where rivers fall from the highland of the Piedmont to the Sandhills FALL LINE
the gradual wearing away of the Earth's surface by wind and water EROSION
animal life FAUNA
plant life FLORA
rain, sleet, snow, hail? PRECIPITATION
land in its natural features TERRAIN
the way of life for a group of people passed on to each generation CULTURE
What are the four elements of History? place, people, time, story
determines the behavior of people and survival actions- place
culture develops due to the _______________. natural resources
What are the 5 geographic zones of South Carolina? Coastal Zone, Coastal Plain, Sandhills, Piedmont, Blue Ridge
Created by: claytonlowder