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PA History Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Review

An area with common features that set it apart from other areas Region
The place where a river begins Source
The place where a river empties into an ocean or another large body of water Mouth
A dry area that gets less than 10 inches of precipitation a year Desert
The side of a mountain that is usually dry because precipitation falls on the other side Rain Shadow
Of a city Urban
Of the countryside Rural
The story of what happened in the past, usually as preserved in written records History
The history and traditions that a group of people share Heritage
A person in your family, starting with your parents, who was born before you Ancestor
A group of people whose ancestors are from the same country or area Ethnic Group
The special way a group of people does something Custom
A weather condition where cold air blowing across a lake is warmed and picks up water; the water eventually falls from the sky as snow Lake Effect
The time of the year when the weather is suitable for crops to grow in a certain place Growing Season
This region of the U.S. has distinct spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons. The Appalachian Mountains run through this region Northeast
This region of the U.S. is usually warm, the region's biggest river is the Mississippi River. The Appalachian Mountains also run through this region. Southeast
The Interior Plains are made up of the Central & Great Plains. Middle West
This plains area is low in elevation & corn is the major crop Central Plains
These plains area can have extreme cold winters and hot summers. Wheat is a the major crop. Great Plains
This region of the U.S. is only made up of 4 states. The Rocky Mountains and the Grand Canyon are found here. Much of the land is desert. Southwest
This region of the U.S. has many different landforms including mountains, plateaus, and valleys West
This region of PA is the smallest region of the state. The lake effect gives this region a long growing season. Lake Erie Coastal Plain
This region of PA if known for its history. Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in this region. Atlantic Coastal Plain
This region of PA has good farm land. It was settled over 300 years ago and called Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Piedmont
This region of PA is rich in mineral resources including coal. Ridge and Valley
This region of PA is the largest in the state and the region is home to Pittsburgh. Allegheny Plateau
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