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History 145 Final

Final Exam Preparation

William L. Garrison Garrrison didn't like the ideals behind the ACS because it wasn't in place to fix the real issue of Racism. The ACS was just getting rid of some of the slaves.
The Northwest Ordinance of 1789 Reaffirmed the Ordinance of 1787 with a few changes. The legislation said that their will be new states added, not states expanded. It stated that the Northwest Territory would be slave free. The ohio river became the dividing line for
Missouri Compromise Allowed Missouri to become a Slave State with Maine being inducted as a Free State. Then the legislation also said that there would be know Slave States above the line of 36* 30' parallel. James Monroe signed and Congress passed May 8, 1820.
Creoles Mostly found in New Orleans. Often mixed-race people. Some owned slaves and were treated almost as if white people. They were given many opportunities like property ownership and education.
American Colonization Society (ACS) Henry Clay president of society for some time. Abe Lincoln was part of the society as well. The society was not exactly looking for abolition of slavery. They created Maryland in Africa which is known as Liberia now. Some slaves who were freed went. 1817
William L. Garrison He didn't like the ideals behind the ACS because it wasn't in place to fix the real issue of Racism. The ACS was just getting rid of some of the slaves.
Manumission Compensating the owners of slaves to free them. The government asked for states to give funds to help with the manumission of slaves due to the high costs but Maryland was the only state to give money towards the purpose.
Freed Towns Slaves that had been free were given places to live away from other people so they had their own black communities.
Hatain Revolution of slaves The revolution scared the southerners. The southerners thought that the they would come and stir the population of slaves that they had and it would stir up rebellions and a possible revolution.
Old NorthWest Known as the area that we now call the great lakes region.
Articles Confederation Started in 1781 and lasted until the Constitution took its place in 1789. Was a weak form of government.
Lincoln Douglas Debates About anti-slavery and Lincoln told Douglas that because of the NorthWest Ordinance he could not own slaves in that territory.
Barring Slave trade Due to written legislature the government couldn't write laws barring slavery to stop slave trade until 1808 and also in 1808 no more slaves were allowed into the U.S.
Eli Whitney Created the Cotton Engine (GIN) in 1793. The cotton gin created a whole new world for the production of cotton. The invention sped the process of picking cotton up tremendously.
Created by: sblane7477
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