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NZ Voting History

Yr 9 End of Year Exam Revision

When was the 100th anniversary of New Zealand women’s suffrage marked? 1993
Voting system recommended by New Zealand’s Royal Commission on the Electoral System in 1986. Mixed Member Proportional (MMP)
When was the voting age in New Zealand lowered to 18? 1974
What media was first used during a New Zealand election campaign in 1963? Television
What does the electoral term ‘treating’ mean? Giving free food, drink or entertainment to voters to influence their vote.
In 1860 the right to vote was extended for the first time – to which group? Gold miners
Why were most Māori unable to enrol as electors in the 1850s? Because they possessed lands communally instead of owning individual titles.
When were New Zealand’s first parliamentary elections held? 1853
How many women MPs were elected in the first MMP election in 1996? 35
In what year was legislation passed setting up four Māori electorates? 1867
Created by: MrsGrava3